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Torchwood Series 5 - Part 2 - Are you ready?

Torchwood Series 5 - Part 2 - Are you ready?

21 August 2017

We look at a returning character back in the Torchwood world as we reveal the details for Torchwood Series 5 - Part 2!

He’s back! Fans of Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off that ran on TV from 2006 and continues at Big Finish, will certainly have noticed this familiar voice.

Appearing in the trailer for Torchwood Series 5 Aliens Among Us Part 2 (first listen was at the end of your Torchwood: Series 5 - Aliens Among Us Part 1 box set), Bilis Manger, played by Murray Melvin, returns from when we last saw him at the end of Series 1 of Torchwood. What has he been planning since releasing Abaddon at the end of Torchwood Series 1?

We can also reveal the cast list, synopses, writers and titles of the upcoming next part of the series - Torchwood Series 5 - Part 2!

John Barrowman and Eve Myles will be joined by Jonny Green as Tyler Steele, the possibly corrupt journalist, and Paul Clayton as Mr Colchester, the civil servant/Terminator in a cardigan. Also joining the team is Orr, played by Sam Béart, the shape-shifting alien who can suit anyone’s desires, and no doubt Rhys, Sergeant Andy and Bilis Manger will be joining in the action!

Make sure you catch Torchwood - Series 5 Part 2 when it comes out in October! You can pre-order this on CD at £28 or download for £25 - don’t forget all CD purchases unlock a download copy which you can get from the Big Finish site or on the Big Finish app.

Or save by purchasing all of Series 5 in a bundle! Get all of Series 5 that has been released so far, and guaranteed future delivery of parts 2 and 3 for £75 on CD or £60 on download.

Make sure you check back on the Big Finish site for further details on Torchwood Series 5, parts 2 and 3, as well as on our social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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