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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

UNIT – Revisitations is ready for deployment.

Over the years, UNIT has faced hundreds of extra-terrestrial threats. The Black Archive holds relics of many such encounters, and UNIT’s files are filled with reports of strange and dangerous aliens. And sometimes, they come back.

UNIT 7.1 HOSTS OF THE WIRRN Part 1 by Chris Chapman

After the world’s strangest interview, UNIT’s latest recruit, Shana Siddiqui, hits the ground running to help Osgood with her latest assignment. The Master left UNIT a parting gift – something alien and deadly.

The Wirrn have come to Earth, and now they are free… 

UNIT 7.2 HOSTS OF THE WIRRN Part 2 by Chris Chapman

Larvae are hatching. Grubs are mutating. The infection is spreading. As a swarm takes to the skies, UNIT struggles to contain its menace. Kate Stewart meets the danger head-on.

To rid the Earth of the Wirrn, she must now confront their Queen.

UNIT 7.3 BREACH OF TRUST by David K. Barnes

An alien vessel arrives on Earth, its occupants seeking refuge, and Osgood takes them in. But there is reason to mistrust this cry for help. The files show that UNIT has faced the Kalvyri before. What else they reveal will set Kate at odds with her most trusted friends.

UNIT 7.4 OPEN THE BOX by Roy Gill

In the years since the Stangmoor Prison incident, Captain Chin Lee found a new calling. She now heads up an international organisation, dedicated to meditation and ‘mental fortitude’ training.

But there is a menace deep inside the Pandora Institute. And Kate, Osgood and Josh must face their darkest fears…

Producer David Richardson told us more about this new box set in October’s Vortex Magazine: “Kate and Osgood facing up to the Wirrn in the lake district – how irresistible is that? And the return of Captain Chin Lee (Pik-Sen Lim) and the Keller Machine! The latter came about when Pik-Sen guest starred in Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter, and we chatted about her husband Don Houghton’s Doctor Who scripts. I suggested we could do a sequel to The Mind of Evil and Pik-Sen was intrigued – although she admitted she wasn’t sure how we’d make it work. When she saw the script, however, any such worries vanished!

“Also in this box set we have an excellent morality tale from David K Barnes, with Breach of Trust. Jemma and Ingrid loved the moral dilemmas in this story and, in only his second script for Big Finish, David is proving to be a talent to reckon with.” You can read the full article in October’s free Vortex magazine.

UNIT – Revisitations is available now at £23 on CD or £20 on download.

Or you can save money in a bundle and get UNIT – Revisitations (series seven) with UNIT – Cyber-Reality (series six) with UNIT – Encounters (series five) now, and pre-order UNIT series eight together at £90 on CD or £80 on download.

More details on UNIT series eight will be revealed very soon!

And if you want to save on other adventures with the UNIT team, we have some special offers. Head to URL and use access code OSGOOD18 to view these special offers. These offers expire at 23:59 (UK time) on 22/11/2018 so don’t miss out!

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