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Website Update - Podcast & Accounts

Website Update - Podcast & Accounts

6 May 2012

Here's the latest news on issues concerning downloads in your accounts, ebooks and podcasts on itunes.

We have now run the fix for the main range issue that was making the releases vanish if you had bought them as an individual (or group) rather than a subscription. This should include all purchases of last week's special offers.

The issue with ebooks should now be fixed and both the Bernice Summerfield novel The Weather on Versimmon and the Blake's 7 novel The Forgotten should have appeared in the account of anyone who pre-ordered or purchased them recently.

We’re having to re-jig the podcast feed so for the moment, so the itunes page will appear empty. This is nothing to worry about. It will be back to full working glory on Tuesday. In the meantime you can, of course, download it or listen to it on the pop-up player via the web site. We do apologise for this as we know a great many of you like to get it via itunes and listen on your MP3 players.

Also, those who purchased the first part of Main Range releases when they were available should now see these in your account. They will appear as a separate entry to the full version so you are not seeing double!

The one big remaining bug is the one pertaining to subscriptions and bundles. These have proven problematic but we do now know what has been causing the errors (and thus causing them not to display in your accounts) and we are confident we can sort it very soon now.

We just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you for your wonderful patience.

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