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What They're Saying About Doctor Who spin-off Counter-Measures

What They're Saying About Doctor Who spin-off Counter-Measures

18 September 2012

The reviews are in for Counter-Measures, our box set of full cast audiobooks that stars Simon Williams, Pamela Salem and Karen Gledhill, reprising their roles from the 1989 Doctor Who story Remembrance of the Daleks, and Hugh Ross.

The series concerns a specialist government department in 1964 that is charged with investigating alien incursions, strange phenomena and dangerous new technologies.

Here’s what the critics are saying…

Counter-Measures is a triumph for all concerned’ - Doctor Who Magazine

‘The writing, performances and characterisation are damn near perfect, which gives the series a sort of The Avengers meets The X-Files meets Doomwatch feel… The audience is left gasping for breath as they nearly choke on the constant stream of adrenaline that fills the exploits of Counter Measures. The beginning of something wonderful…' -

‘For those of you who have fond memories of the characters from Remembrance of the Daleks or for those who simply want to try something a little different for audio fun-ness, I do highly recommend this series. It’s a great start and I can’t wait to see what series two is like!' 4 stars -

‘An ambitious project, that works, and what I am most impressed about is Big Finish's superb ability for still writing good stories when they have already written 500-odd good quality original Doctor Who dramas, with the feeling that there are still many many more to come.’ 4 stars - Customer review

‘Probably the best box set Big Finish has done to date’  9/10 –

‘A very promising start, with enough nostalgic entertainment value to hint that Counter-Measures may have a healthy future ahead of it.’ -

Counter-Measures is edge of the seat stuff’ –

The series is available to buy here, and series 2 is available for pre-order.

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