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2017-05-01 Ninth Doctor and The Prisoner

2017-05-01 Ninth Doctor and The Prisoner

30 April 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford are here with all the latest news and emails from the audio drama worlds of Big Finish Productions. Lucy Briggs-Owen from The Prisoner is interviewed, and the Ninth Doctor Chronicles are previewed.

Stop, don't move!

There's more 'guest' music to introduce the podcast. This time we're giving you a preview of the brand new Big Finish Unwrapped theme. Meanwhile, here's what's going on in this podcast...

Big Finish News - All the latest stories, with trailers to boot!

Listeners' Emails - You can join in by contacting us at Nick also receives a vital parcel in this edition.

Guest Star Interview - Lucy Briggs-Owen of The Avengers, The War Doctor and The Prisoner is chatting with Nick... but they're standing far too close together. Will she survive?

Randomoid Selectortron - Our random selection from the Big Finish archive unearths a real blast from the past.

Latest Releases - Nick blasts through what's out to listen to right now. And Basil Brush seems to be there too.

Competition! - In this shock return of the competition music, there's also the shock announcement of the winner of the competition to win a visit to the recording of The Prisoner Volume 2.

This podcast has been snuck out a day early, just to cheer up your Sunday. You can download or stream it by using one of the two handy buttons below. Guess which!

Buck up!

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