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2017-05-08 Capitol II Doctor Who Convention

2017-05-08 Capitol II Doctor Who Convention

7 May 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford are joined by company chairman Jason Haigh-Ellery at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society Convention 'Capitol II', where on stage mayhem ensues.

What is the Pig of Rassilon? How much do we love Captain Scarlet? Are there any embarrassing, uncool entertainment guilty pleasures that anyone will confess to? Will a random person in the room be able to fulfil the function of the Randomoid Selectortron?

The audience is listening... and they're very much in charge.

Our hugest thanks to Tony Jordan and his team who organized this brilliant event on behalf of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. No need for them to 'buck up' at all. They delivered top class entertainment for Doctor Who fans throughout a fun-packed weekend.

Why not join in the fun now by downloading or streaming? Go on, press one of the handy buttons below. You know you want to.

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