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2017-06-05 The Lives of Captain Jack

2017-06-05 The Lives of Captain Jack

4 June 2017

Nick and Benji, the terrible podcast duo, are back at their desks to bring you all the latest from Big Finish's audio drama and audiobook worlds. Doctor Who features heavily! Guest star: actor/author Jane Slavin. Drama tease: The Lives of Captain Jack.

Yes, Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford (to give them their full names, for security reasons) are up to all sorts of nonsense. Nick is keen to give a random weather report (by stepping outside his shed) and Nick's son Ben turns up unexpectedly with gifts for his father. It doesn't get more exciting than this. Or does it?

Stop, don't move!

Also in the mix...

Big Finish News - the latest, exciting news, with interview clips and trailers. And there's a tease of a new companion for the Eighth Doctor Time War series!

Listeners' Emails - more email action than you can handle? Find out in this bumper edition!

Guest Star Interview - actor/author Jane Slavin, recently responsible for the brilliant Writing on the Water audiobook, but possibly best known to you as a regular in the Fourth Doctor Adventures, is here to ridicule Nick and tell you far more than you probably wanted to know. Compelling, nonetheless.

Randomoid Selectortron - we delve back into history, in more ways than one, to reveal a much loved character from the past.

Latest Releases - all you need to know about what to listen to right now.

The Lives of Captain Jack - Wednesday for Beginners - the first fifteen minutes of this brilliant episode by the equally brilliant James Goss.

This podcast is officially released on Monday 5th June, but because you might want something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon (or morning), we've released it here on the BF website on Sunday 4th June. How timey-wimey is that?

Please feel free to press one of the buttons below to download or stream - for free!

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