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2017-07-10 The Prisoner 2 and Tom Baker too

2017-07-10 The Prisoner 2 and Tom Baker too

9 July 2017

The Summer Special. Nick Briggs is joined by his son Ben, Tom Baker and the cast of a top secret future Fourth Doctor Who Adventure from Big Finish. There's extensive coverage of The Prisoner Volume 2 too!

With Benji Clifford relaxing on holiday on the planet Barcelona (and there's a special audio 'report' on that!), Nick is left to present the podcast with his 8 year old son. What could possibly go wrong?

Luckily, Tom Baker and the cast of an adventure from the future are on hand to provide their wisdom on the subject of Summer. Well, it is a Summer Special Podcast after all!

What does Summer mean to them? Find out in this fascinating studio report.

And if you're intrigued and tempted by the prospect of our audio reimagining of the 1967 cult TV classic The Prisoner returning for Volume 2, then here's a tantalizing glimpse behind the scenes, packed with interviews and dramatic clips. It's in two parts spread across the podcast.

There are also trailers galore and mentions of our latest Blake's 7, Torchwood, Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield releases. This could just be the best Summer Special Pocast ever! (It's the only one we've ever done - Ed)

Official release date: Monday 10th July 2017. Sneaky release date: Sunday 9th July 2017. You can download or stream this podcast right now by pressing one of the handy buttons below. Enjoy...

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