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2017-07-31 Jan Chappell and Daleks

2017-07-31 Jan Chappell and Daleks

30 July 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford are here with all the latest news and emails from the audio drama world of Big Finish. There's a tribute to Deborah Watling. Guest star: Jan Chappell (Cally in Blake's 7). Drama tease: Third Doctor Who and the Daleks!

All your favourite features are here...

Big Finish News - upcoming releases for August, with some great trailers and an interview with composer Crispin Merrell, who talks about the saddest music for Terrahawks Volume 3.

Listeners' Emails - Great emails and a tribute to Deborah Watling, featuring an interview conducted for The Second Doctor Companion Chronicles. Remember, you can join in simply by emailing

Guest Star - Jan Chappell, Cally from Blake's 7 is interviewed by Karen Parks.

Randomoid Selectortron - a random release is selected from the Big Finish archive. Actually, two productions feature this week. One from the immediate future, and a real classic from the past.

Latest Releases - Nick sums up everything recently released and currently out there, including free releases available from Big Finish For Free.

Drama Tease - The Conquest of Far... the first fifteen minutes from our upcoming Third Doctor Adventures Volume 3, featuring the Daleks!

This podcast is officially released on Monday 31st July. Sneaky release is on Sunday 30th July for those whose Sunday simply wouldn't be the same without it. Just press one of the handy buttons below to stream or download.

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