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The Big Finish Podcast - Christopher Benjamin (February #04)

The Big Finish Podcast - Christopher Benjamin (February #04)

26 February 2017

Time, once again, for the Big Finish Podcast to return to its regular format, with Nick and Benji in the chair. Guest star Christopher Benjamin (Jago from Jago and Litefoot). And an exclusive preview of The First Men in the Moon!

This is how Benji Clifford sums up this podcast: 'Death to the Daleks, Jago and Litefoot, lots of Short Trips stuff, Christopher Benjamin, Blake's 7, John Belushi, beards, Kidderminster.' Beautiful words.


The Big Finish News - all the latest in our world of audiobooks and audio drama, with an exclusive studio report involving Jago and Litefoot.

Listeners' Emails - You may be 'surprised' to learn that Death to the Daleks features fairly heavily. But there's much, much more besides. Join in the fun by emailing us at

Guest Star - veteran actor Christopher Benjamin in conversation with Nick Briggs. All sorts of unexpected topics.

Randomoid Selectortron - a lovely bit of Blake's 7.

Latest Releases - Nick rounds up what's available to listen to at this very moment!

The First Men in the Moon - a 15 minute special preview of our second HG Wells dramatisation, starring Nigel Planer and Gethin Anthony. The full release will arrive in March.

You can download or stream this podcast for free right now. Its official release date is Monday 27th February 2017, but we've sneaked it out a day early (no surprises there) to brighten up your Sunday!

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There’s time for one last hurrah from the infernal investigators with the release of their final adventure starring the late Trevor Baxter as Professor George Litefoot and Christopher Benjamin as Henry Gordon Jago.

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