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The Big Finish Podcast - John Barrowman and Camille Coduri (October #05)

The Big Finish Podcast - John Barrowman and Camille Coduri (October #05)

16 October 2016

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford present all the latest in the Big Finish world of audio drama and audiobooks. With guest stars John Barrowman (Torchwood) and Camille Coduri (Doctor Who).

Once again released a day early, because you deserve it, all the regular, exciting features are here -- with added sauciness from John and Camille, naturally.

Here are some useful time-locations for you to find your favourite bits and hug them with your ears forever. Or just listen. It's entirely up to you...

07.53 The Big Finish News. All the latest with clips and trailers where appropriate... with added viral noises from Benji's delightful cold.

14.35 Listeners' Emails. You can email us at It is our mission to read out and discuss as many emails as we can. It may take us time, but we'll get there in the end. You can very nearly rely on that!

31.02 Guest Star Interview. Scott Handcock chats with John Barrowman and Camille Coduri during the studio session for The Lives of Captain Jack.

38.22 The Randomoid Selectortron. Benji activates Hanna Neuman's fiendish bit of website ingenuity to randomly select a Big Finish class for Nick to wax lyrical about. Luckily, it's something he directed. And it's got Daleks in it...

47.52 The Latest releases. What's out now? Here's some information and some clips.

49.53 The Prisoner. The latest instalment of our serialization of the first episode of our audio re-imagining of the 1967 TV classic.

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