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The Davros Mission

Released January 2012

The Davros Mission

Download US $2.99

Starring Terry Molloy and Miranda Raison

After his capture on Necros, Davros is destined to face the justice of the Daleks. He sits alone, isolated in his cell. His creations will no lo...


Released December 2006

1.4. Guilt

Download US $2.99

Starring Terry Molloy and Carolyn Jones

"That is our world out there. A chemical soup for a sky above and a scarred, radioactive wasteland below. It is purgatory. But we must make it p...


Released November 2006

1.3. Corruption

Download US $2.99

Starring Terry Molloy and Carolyn Jones

"Logically, the war ends with one form of life in utter control of the world. All other life forms gone. That is the goal that is the only true ...


Released October 2006

1.2. Purity

Download US $2.99

Starring Terry Molloy and Carolyn Jones

"We are Kaleds. We are more than a match for weak, tattered, crippled relics of the war."

Now approaching his 30th year, Davros is trying to...


Released September 2006

1.1. Innocence

Download US $2.99

Starring Terry Molloy and Carolyn Jones

"I find it fascinating that a living creature would subject itself to such dangerous experimentation. Knowing that it would die.."

The Kale...

I, Davros

He is the man who made the Daleks - the greatest threat the universe has ever seen. But what made the man? This series of four full-cast audio dramas chart the rise to supremacy of the infamous Davros.

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