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47. In the Twinkling of an Eye

In the Twinkling of an Eye

Released July 2015

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CD US $13.00
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Nominated for 2016 Scribe Awards Best Audio release

“I keep getting drawn back to Collinsport…”

Fully recovered from her hospital stay and back behind the bar of The Blue Whale, Jessica Griffin welcomes Nate, a stranger in town claiming to be ‘just passing through’.

But how come he knows so much about her and why is he so keen to lure her back to the house she hasn’t set foot in since the death of her husband?

And he really is so very familiar…

Written By: Penelope Faith
Directed By: David Darlington & Jim Pierson


Marie Wallace (Jessica Griffin), Alexandra Donnachie (Jacqueline Tate), Ryan Wichert (Nate), Walles Hamonde (Richard Hill), Aaron Lamont (Ted Griffin)

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