94. I.D. (Plus Urgent Calls)

I.D. (Plus Urgent Calls)

Released April 2007

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Behind the Scenes

Chronological Placement

This story takes place between the television adventures, The Trial of a Time Lord and Time and the Rani and after the Big Finish audio adventure.

Production Notes

  • Sara Griffiths previously appeared in Doctor Who on television with Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. She played Welsh accented Ray in Delta and the Bannermen.
  • Gyles Brandreth, who plays Doctor Marriott in I.D. has had an interesting and varied career. He has authored several books, worked as a television script-writer, served as an MP and can be regularly be heard on Radio 4 on such shows as Just a Minute and his own The Brandreth Rules.
  • Helen Atkinson Wood is well known for her comedy roles on radio and television including appearances in The Young Ones, KYTV and Blackadder in which she played Mrs Miggins.