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Doctor Who: Short Trips Volume 11
Doctor Who - Short Trips

11. Doctor Who: Short Trips Volume 11

Released February 2022

Written by Alfie Shaw Ben Tedds Rochana Patel Felicia Barker Paul F Verhoeven

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An audiobook anthology of six new Doctor Who short stories.

Rearguard by Alfie Shaw
Trooper Stron has been given a great honour by Sontar. He’s been chosen as the rearguard on Ubreus, protecting that world against anyone who would try to pry it from Sontaran control. The problem is, no one’s coming to claim Ubreus, and that means there’s no one for Stron to fight…

Messages from the Dead by Rochana Patel
Adric wants to help the Doctor. The Doctor doesn’t want Adric’s help. Banished to updating the TARDIS logbook, Adric has to record the tale of the Hermes, a doomed freighter they found in E-Space. With Romana gone, and only the past as a guide, Adric needs to work out how to make this new dynamic work before it’s too late for both him and the Doctor.

The Threshold by Felicia Barker
After a collision in the vortex, the Master is trapped in his TARDIS. Luckily, the Doctor has come to save him. Unluckily, the Doctor’s TARDIS has vanished. With the ship collapsing around them, can these arch-enemies put their rivalry aside long enough to survive?

Death Will Not Part Us by Alfie Shaw
On the 14th of August 3097, everything is fine on the world of Gernica. Except, on the same day, the planet is being destroyed. Also, on the 14th of August 3097, no one in the universe has heard of Gernica. The planet’s only chance to survive the horrors of the Time War lies with Viola Wintersmith. For Viola has a weapon that can destroy anything that stands in her way. A weapon that requires a unique form of ammunition. Her past.

Fear of Flying by Paul F Verhoeven
Hawa Hassan is terrified of flying. However, to make the most important audition in her life, Hawa’s braving boarding an aeroplane. After all, it’s just one flight. What could possibly go wrong?

Inside Story by Ben Tedds
Helen Howard wishes to make it known the plot, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons or time travellers should be inferred.

Recorded on: 22nd February, 7th and 11th June, 23rd September, 15th October and 23rd November 2021
Recorded at: LA Studios, Audio Sorcery, The Soundhouse, PRL Studio and remote recording


Producer Alfie Shaw said: “There’s something for everyone in this box set. We’ve got a couple of short-form dramas, there are first-person monologues and also some more traditional third-person stories. We’re digging into the psychology of classic villains, monsters and companions, exploring the devastating effects of Time War, and taking a terrifying flight with the Tenth Doctor!

“We’ve taken a similar route with all our fabulous performers, pulling a cast together from actors who were part of the original TV show to those who have joined the wonderful world of Doctor Who through Big Finish’s audio adventures. It’s a privilege listening to these fantastic actors at work, and I hope everyone enjoys the box set."

Rearguard by Alfie Shaw
Eleventh Doctor story, performed by Jacob Dudman and Dan Starkey

Messages from the Dead by Rochana Patel
Fourth Doctor story, narrated by Matthew Waterhouse

The Threshold by Felicia Barker
Third Doctor and Master story, performed by Jon Culshaw

Death Will Not Part Us by Alfie Shaw
Eighth Doctor story, narrated by Adéle Anderson

Fear of Flying by Paul F Verhoeven
Tenth Doctor story, narrated by Ayesha Antoine

Inside Story by Ben Tedds
Seventh Doctor story, narrated by Sophie Aldred


What you get from Short Trips Series 11 is a set of crown jewels, polished and faceted tales that exist between the bigger, broader stories of universe-threatening alien aggressors. Each of the stories in this collection is in the best tradition of the Short Trips range, and stands proudly alongside the best examples we’ve heard.

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  • Duration: 242 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: n/a
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-547-8
  • Production Code: BFPST11
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