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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

This release contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

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This title was released in June 2024. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until 31 July 2024, and on general sale after this date.

Soldier, Federation Space Commander, smuggler, freedom fighter. Del Tarrant has challenged convention throughout his many careers in a hostile galaxy.

These are the stories of his choices and challenges, his friends and family and foes, on an unpredictable journey to the Liberator and beyond.

1. The Authorised Version by James Goss
Gamblers, lovers, presidents. All have sought out the Dream-Makers demanding they decide their future.

Del Tarrant has come to ask them to help decide his past.

2. Behemoth by Andy Lane
When hunting down Blake and the Liberator, Commander Del Tarrant’s Federation pursuit ship encounters a vast abandoned space vessel.

What dark secrets does it contain about the Federation and alien life? And can Tarrant save his crew and himself before it’s too late?

3. Bomb by Gary Russell
Tarrant and Dayna’s rendezvous in an abandoned Federation refinery puts them in unexpected danger when their broker changes the terms of the deal.

Can they survive until Liberator returns for them? And why is an old nemesis lurking in the shadows?

Recorded on: 31 January, 1-2 February 2024
Recorded at: Audio Sorcery


Producer Peter Anghelides said: "Tarrant's arrival with Dayna gave a new dynamic to the third TV series. Any disappointment I may have had at the time about losing Blake was forgotten once I saw Tarrant in action.

"Ten years ago, I wrote the first Big Finish audio in which Steven Pacey returned as Del Tarrant. He was terrific in that, and a warm and positive contributor to the studio recording and cast. It's wonderful to have him back for three brand new adventures, as well as Yasmin Bannerman as Dayna Mellanby."

Steven Pacey said: "I knew very little all those years ago as I walked into Broadcasting House to audition in the basement. I was handed a script and thought, 'I’m the wrong casting for this!' but, lo and behold, I got the part. Josette Simon and I clung to each other for reassurance through those early days, although all the cast were so welcoming that it was a joyous experience from day one.

"And now here we are, doing an audio version with Yasmin playing Dayna, which is wonderful and of course different. It’s good to see another side to Del that you didn't see too much of in the television series."

Yasmin Bannerman added: "It was a lovely surprise that we were going to do a few more Blake's 7 audios, but this time from Tarrant’s perspective. It's a really good story and what's interesting for me is that it revisits the very beginning of Dayna's time with Blake’s crew and the Liberator. She and Tarrant are the new kids in the group."


Overall, I think Tarrant is a valid addition to the Worlds of Blake’s 7... it’s three hours of fun and games that we didn’t have before. And I love the fact that they couldn’t quite bring themselves to leave Servalan out of any of these stories!

Horizon - Blake's 7 Online
  • Product Format: 3-disc CD (jewel case in slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 233 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-80240-455-5
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-80240-456-2
  • Production Code: BFPB7WB7TA01
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