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12 Days of Big Finishmas #2 – Sherlock Holmes

12 Days of Big Finishmas #2 – Sherlock Holmes

26 December 2017

Available on download now is the latest tale for Sherlock Holmes – The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency. Plus, pick up some more Sherlock Christmas treats.

The Baker Street boys are back in action in a new story by writer Jonathan Barnes. Starring Nicholas Briggs as the great detective and Richard Earl as Dr John Watson, don’t miss out on this new adventure.

London at night.

Westminster, at the end of the age of empire. And here, two days before Christmas… an extraordinary mystery is about to unfold…

Footprints in the snow, an unfathomable assault in a Turkish bath… Watson is baffled, but Holmes has a growing suspicion that a seemingly fantastical encounter will become a reality.

Writer Jonathan Barnes explains more about this new mystery from the world of Conan Doyle: “It's been such a privilege to write Sherlock Holmes stories for Big Finish Productions. I'm really – and uncomplicatedly – proud of all of my scripts for the series and I've rarely had so much fun professionally as I have in my collaborations with Nicholas Briggs, Richard Earl and Ken Bentley.

“There are so many stories to tell in the world of the Great Detective that I couldn't resist the opportunity to return again to Baker Street. Both of these new adventures represent fresh approaches. The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency is a full-on Christmas special – by a long way, the most festive story I've ever written! It stands in the shadow (what doesn't?) of Doyle's peerless seasonal adventure ‘The Blue Carbuncle’ but I hope that it also does something new. For one thing, there's just a dash of the fantastic...

The Master of Blackstone Grange, meanwhile, is the darkest story that we've told so far. It's the closest that I've got to Doyle's own style. It's set in 1899, when Watson has moved back in with Holmes following the death of his wife – and it's a melancholy thriller which takes both heroes on difficult and painful journeys. I think it's fair to say that Nick and Richard have never been better!”

You can get this tale at £2.99 on download (only). Or you can get it as part of any pre-orders of Sherlock Holmes: The Master of Blackstone Grange, which will also unlock the download of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency. (Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency to appear in your account.)

The Master of Blackstone Grange and The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency will be available in a 4-disc box set in March. You can pre-order it now at £23 on CD or £20 on download. Keep checking the Big Finish website for more details on The Master of Blackstone Grange, coming soon.

And as a further bonus, we have another Sherlock tale available at £2.99 on download! Get Sherlock Holmes – The Tangled Skein at a special price on the second day of BigFinishmas.

Head to page and use code PLUMPUDDING to access our offers.

A threat to Holmes’s life, murders on Hampstead Heath and a deadly phantom lady lead Holmes and Watson into the most dangerous investigation they have ever undertaken… An encounter which brings them face to face with evil itself, embodied in Count Dracula, the Lord of the Undead.

Keep an eye on the Big Finish website and our social media as we’ll be adding more special offers every day for the 12 days of Big Finishmas.

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