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Blake’s 7 special offers

Blake’s 7 special offers

11 January 2019

Blake’s 7 returns this week with the new series Restoration Part 1 available now. To celebrate, we have some special offers on a selection of our Blake’s 7 titles with up to 40% off. Prices start at just 99p!

With the release of new series Restoration and new novel and audiobook Uprising, we have some special offers to celebrate a return to the Liberator and the universe of Blake’s 7.

To get up to 40% off selected Blake's 7 releases, head to URL and enter access code: FREEDOM. These special offers expire 23:59 (UK time) on 17/01/2019, so don’t miss out.

You can also pick up the series leading into Restoration; Crossfire is available at its pre-order price. If you haven’t started the Crossfire-Restoration arc, you can grab the first episode of Crossfire, Paradise Lost, which is available for free as a download until these special offers expire.

There is also a bundle for both Crossfire and Restoration available for the duration of the special offers. Get all of Crossfire and pre-orders for Restoration at £150 on CD or £145 on download.

Also available on offer are The Liberator Chronicles. The original stars of the much-loved TV series reprising their roles in these dramatic readings - comprising a mixture of narration and dramatised scenes. A perfect chance to get further into the minds of your favourite Blake’s 7 characters.

Or explore our Blake's 7 books, some priced at just £2.99, including the fate of Avon and the Scorpio crew after the television show ended, in Paul Darrow’s Lucifer trilogy. This vivid re-imagining picks up Avon’s story at the final moments of the final episode of Blake's 7 and follows him on his fight for survival, this time with no crew and no ship to help him.

Head to URL and enter access code: FREEDOM to get these titles on discount prices. These special offers expire 23:59 (UK time) on 17/01/2019, so don’t miss out.

Plus, as part of the new Big Finish Book Club, you can get both The Spoils of War at £18 on download, and the book and full cast audio version of Warship at just 99p each for the whole of January.

Head to page and use access code STORIES to get these releases on their offer code special prices (they also appear on the weekend sale page).

If you’re new to the world of Blake’s 7, Warship is a great place to start!

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