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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

Fifty years ago, American teenagers' afternoons were rocked by the arrival of a daring, frightening and addictive new television series, the legacy of which is still felt today. Dark Shadows combined the traditional afternoon soap-opera with vampires, werewolves and witches, providing unmissable programming for a whole generation.

Across 1,245 episodes, Dark Shadows brought to life the saga of the Collins Family, a wealthy clan of aristocrats cursed by supernatural powers. From their ancestral home of Collinwood, the family plotted against each other, with the innocent (and not so innocent) citizens of Collinsport caught in the crossfire. Before long, the family's ancestors also made their way to the house; including vampire Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid), the immortal werewolf Quentin Collins (David Selby) and the love-spurned witch Angelique (Lara Parker). Battles were raged in the past and future, in parallel timelines and distant dimensions; and audiences were hooked.

Big Finish is proud to have continued the Dark Shadows saga in more than 60 audio plays; with many more in the works! And this weekend, you have the chance to enjoy the stories so far with our gigantic range of Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary Special Offers, available until noon Monday March 21st (UK time).

You can start from the very beginning with our first series of Full Cast Dramas. Dark Shadows: The House of Despair sees Quentin (David Selby), Angelique (Lara Parker) and Barnabas (Andrew Collins) return to Collinwood for the first time in years. But they will need to fight to take back their ancestral home; and their battle continues across Dark Shadows: The Book of Temptation, Dark Shadows: The Christmas Presence and Dark Shadows: The Rage Beneath. All four titles are available to buy on CD for £5 each or download for £2.99. A bundle of all four stories is also available for £15 on CD (with UK postage) and £10 to download.

The story continues in Dark Shadows: Kingdom of the Dead. Available in a box-set for £15 on CD and £10 to download, or as four individual instalments at £5 on CD or £2.99 to download, this thrilling mini-series sees the family descend to the underworld to find themselves at the mercy of the renegade god Seraph (David Warner). Kingdom of the Dead is also available in a bundle alongside Series 1 for £30 on CD (with free UK postage) or £20 to download.

Our entire range of fifty Dark Shadows Audiobooks, featuring heroes and villains from throughout the entire series, are also available to download for just £5 each on CD or £2.99 to download. The entire series can be purchased together in two bundles. The CD bundle contains 50 releases and is priced at £240 (with free UK postage), while the download option contains 48 releases for £130. A bundle of the first 32 titles alongside the first two full cast series is also available for £180 on CD (with free UK postage) or £100 to download.

Please Note: Dark Shadows: Angelique's Decent Part 1: Innocence and Part 2: Betrayal are only available to purchase on CD.

Selected bundles of six titles each are also available to buy at just £28 on CD (with free UK postage) or £16 to download. You can also enjoy our story-arc bundles, featuring titles grouped by characters, plots and themes.

The Dark Shadows – The Arts Bundle delves into world of Collinsport's creatives. Remake a lost childhood in Dark Shadows: The Doll House, discover a sanatorium's greatest artist in Dark Shadows: The Blind Painter (guest starring Doctor Who's Nicola Bryant), marvel at a cursed jewel in Dark Shadows: The Crimson Pearl and take in a show from a sinister clown in Dark Shadows: Speak No Evil (with Arthur DarvilDoctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow).

Dark Shadows: The Collinwood Bundle collects five stories revealing the secrets of the family's ancestral home. Dark Shadows: The Path of Fate examines a stairway that traverses time while Dark Shadows: Curse of the Pharaoh uncovers a long buried secret. Original Barnabas Collins actor Jonathan Frid returns to Collinsport one last time in Dark Shadows: The Night Whispers, and a dashing stranger provides an escape for young Judith Collins (Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Amber Benson) in Dark Shadows: Dress Me in Dark Dreams.

Dark Shadows: The Trask Family Bundle sheds light on the dangerous witch-hunters who spent generations assaulting the Collins family. An imprisoned Gregory Trask (Jerry Lacey) is given an offer he can't refuse in Dark Shadows: The Wicked and the Dead, which leads him to the battlefields of the American Civil War in Dark Shadows: The Carrion Queen. Charity Trask (Nancy Barrett) finds her school under attack in Dark Shadows: The Poisoned Soul. And Dark Shadows: The Fall of the House of Trask finds the family facing the wrath of The Dark Lord (Nigel Fairs).

The three titles in the Dark Shadows: The Windcliff Bundle delve into the most terrifying cases faced by the Windcliff Sanatorium. Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott) recovers from a terrifying assault in Dark Shadows: Clothes of Sand and encounters an enigmatic stranger in Dark Shadows: The Ghost Watcher. Then it's Willie Loomis' (John Karlen) turn, forced to relive past adventures at the hands of a golden angel in Dark Shadows: Echoes of Insanity.

Finally, supernatural investigator Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacey) is forced to team up with his former love Cassandra Collins (Lara Parker) for three investigations in the Dark Shadows: The Tony and Cassandra Bundle. There's a serial killer on a desert island in Dark Shadows: The Death Mask, black magic in New Orleans in Dark Shadows: The Voodoo Amulet and a dangerous trip on the final train home in Dark Shadows: The Last Stop.

For those fans who think they have everything, you can also pick up both volumes of Dark Shadows – Music from the Audio Dramas. Volume 1 and Volume 2 are both available for just £2.99 on CD and £1.99 to download. The documentary release Dark Shadows – The Legend Reborn is also available for £5 on CD only.

And for the ultimate Dark Shadows celebration, you can order the Dark Shadows - 50th Anniversary Super Bundle. This complete collection includes all the titles in our range of special offers, as well as 2015's Dark Shadows: Bloodlust mini-series and the upcoming Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary Special: Blood and Fire. The CD bundle can be ordered for just £350 with free UK delivery, with a download collection also available for £210.

If you still haven't heard one of our Dark Shadows titles, you can enjoy the special episode Snowflake as well as the first episode of Dark Shadows: Bloodlust for free on the Big Finish website. Click the links to download now!

The Dark Shadows saga will continue this year with Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary Special: Blood and Fire, and Dark Shadows: Bloodline, a new 13-part mini-series. More details will be revealed soon.

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