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Dorian Gray - Series 3 Behind the Scenes and More Casting News!

Dorian Gray - Series 3 Behind the Scenes and More Casting News!

21 August 2014

During the recent recording of series 3 of Big Finish's popular The Confessions of Dorian Gray, our intrepid cameraman visited the studio. Read on for a video and news of more casting...

Following our recent casting announcement for the forthcoming third series of The Confessions of Dorian Gray, we are pleased to reveal that Hugh Skinner (W1A, The Wipers Times, Les Miserables) will be returning to the role of Tobias Matthews opposite Alexander Vlahos as Dorian!

“Hugh completely inhabited that role from the outset,” explains producer and director Scott Handcock. “Everybody adored him, both to work with and as a character, so it was only a matter of time until we tried to engineer some kind of return. And even though we’re driving Dorian’s story forward in this upcoming series, there are still plenty of opportunities for familiar faces to come back and haunt him, particularly as we hurtle towards his Darkest Hour in the final episode!”

Fan favourite Tobias Matthews made his debut in the fourth episode of the very first series - The Heart That Lives Alone - available to download for £2.99, or buy on CD as part of The Complete Series One and Two box set. Other returning faces for series three include Miles Richardson as Harry Wotton (The Picture of Dorian Gray), David Blackwell as Simon Darlow (The Fallen King of Britain) and Bernard Holley as the older incarnation of Dorian himself (The Mayfair Monster)!

Video editor Tom Saunders has also visited Dorian in studio to produce two special behind-the-scenes videos of the series, following the recording sessions for episodes one and four of the upcoming series:



All eight episodes of The Confessions of Dorian Gray: Series Three can be pre-ordered at a special price now on CD or download ahead of its release in November, and Hugh will be hosting a special Dorian Gray podcast where Scott Handcock and Alexander Vlahos answer listener questions closer to the time!

For further updates, follow the Dorian Gray Twitter account: @DorianGrayBFP

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