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Latest Doctor Who Release Update

Latest Doctor Who Release Update

20 December 2012

A lot's been going on recently on the site, so in case listeners have missed them, a little note to say that Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Child and Doctor Who: Voyage to the New World are out now!

Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Child is a brand new enhanced audiobook Leela story from Nigel Fairs, following on from his previous Companion Chronicles The Catalyst, Empathy Games and The Time Vampire. It finds Leela (Louise Jameson, returning to the role she played on TV from 1977-1978 once again) reborn as a young child, but still telling stories of her time with the Doctor. A labour of love from both Nigel and Louise, it's a gorgeously warming tale in time for Christmas.

Doctor Who: Voyage to the New World is a full cast audiobook which continues the travels of Victorian investigators Jago & Litefoot in the company of the Sixth Doctor. Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter return to the roles they made their own in 1977's TV tale The Talons of Weng-Chiang (and since in our Jago & Litefoot spin-off series), and Colin Baker is back as the Sixth Doctor, the role he played on TV between 1984-1986. The trio find themselves on Roanoke Island in 1590 where they're faced with malevolent spirits and the mystery behind the Old Man of Croatoan. CD purchasers should also note that the story was too long to allow for any interview extras afterwards on the disc. However, the download version includes a chat with the stars and production team.

Both are available for download now, and CDs are winging their way to customers (some may even have arrived!). A quick reminder as well that Doctor Who: Voyage to the New World marks the last of our Special Releases bundle, which remains at the low price of £65 for the CDs and £55 for a download bundle until the end of 2012, but you can buy Voyage for only £5 on CD or £1 for download! The bundle includes Jago & Litefoot's other Voyage, to Venus, Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion, Doctor Who: Love and War and Doctor Who: Dark Eyes.

Why not give yourself a Christmas treat?

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