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The Big Finish Roundup

The Big Finish Roundup

11 March 2018

Exciting new announcements, the first listen to our Big Finish Originals and a new companion coming soon…. Make sure you tune in to the Big Finish roundup for all your audio news.

On Monday we heard the trailer for the latest instalment of Big Finish’s Sherlock Holmes adventures: The Master of Blackstone Grange. In a new tale by Jonathan Barnes, Nicholas Briggs stars as the great detective with Richard Earl as Dr John Watson, in Sherlock Holmes – The Master of Blackstone Grange, coming out later this month.

Tuesday we travelled to the year five billion with a new boxset from the World of Doctor Who: Tales From New Earth.

Four new adventures from the New Earth setting of Doctor Who TV episodes The End of the World, New Earth and Gridlock. It’s five billion years in the future after the end of the world in the year 5.5/apple/26: are you ready to return to New Earth?

Coming out in May, there was more information on Wednesday about a new companion for the Sixth Doctor in The Lure of the Nomad. Mathew Sharpe, a space pilot from the future, and the Sixth Doctor take on the Makara in this new Doctor Who Main Range tale.

To celebrate and honour International Women’s Day on Thursday this week, listeners could download episode one of our first Big Finish Originals range, ATA Girl – a series that tells the tale of unsung heroines – for free.

The first of our new Big Finish Originals range, ATA Girl is a fictionalised full-cast audio drama series inspired by the heroic female pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary during World War Two. They saw and experienced firsthand the struggles of both civilian and military life in wartime, and their actions helped pave the way for a more equal society.

Friday had the trailer and the cover art revealed for the grand finale of the Blake's 7: Crossfire trilogy. This latest collection of Blake’s 7 stories, set in the third season of the TV show, sees the Liberator crew embroiled in a Federation civil war.

Coming out in May 2018, Kate Stewart must ally herself with one of the most evil men in the galaxy to save us all in UNIT: Cyber-Reality… Featuring the Master and a new race of Cybermen, further details of the episodes were revealed Saturday.

UNIT Series 6: Cyber-Reality

And that’s the news! Keep abreast of all the Big Finish gossip on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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