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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

We recently ran a poll on Facebook where we asked people to vote for their favourite Doctor Who release (single/double disc/story) of 2012. We said the most popular release would be discounted by 50% for 48 hours and that we would randomly choose one voter to receive five releases of their choice (single/double disc only) from the entire Big Finish range.

We are delighted to announce that Ian Tracy won the prize. He voted for The Curse of Davros and this was his comment, "I hadn't bought a Big Finish CD in years, and I got this one out of curiosity. It was brilliant and absolutely brought me back in as a fan of the audios in 2012. Not so great for my wallet, but TCOD was the start of an exceptional year for Big Finish I think." Congratulations Ian.

We had such fun with this poll and enjoyed reading all of the brilliant comments it just didn't feel good enough to offer 1 we are offering the top release in each category. This means there will be a Main Range, Lost Story, Special, Companion Chronicle and Fourth Doctor release all on offer (download and CD).

The following 5 releases will available with 50% off this weekend (19th and 20th January 2013):

Special: Love and War (the overall winner with 12% of the overall vote)

"Because it's one of the best pieces of drama... Doctor Who or not... that I've heard in ages."

"Love and War showed what Big Finish does well, great stories well acted which capture the spirit of Doctor Who, just right. It has taken one of my all time favourite New Adventure books and has turned it into one of my all time favourite audios. Despite knowing the story so well, it had me gripped wanting to know how it ended."

"One of the most powerful and moving Doctor Who stories brought brilliantly to life by McCoy, Aldred, and Bowerman. It truly was a true "event" for the year and did not disappoint."

Main Range:   Gods and Monsters   (second overall with 10% of the vote)

"Because it's such an epic ending to a story spanning an almost uncountable number of years and features the return of one of the best villains ever devised."

"Gods and Monsters simply brilliant."

"I laughed, I gasped, I punched the air and I cried.... oh my word, how I cried. Absolutely stunning imagery throughout, a wonderful example of why Doctor Who is so perfect for the audio medium."

Companion Chronicle: The Last Post

"An absolutely stunning tribute to Caroline John, and her era on Doctor Who. That takes the cake for me, because it was such a stylistic and directorial triumph."

"It fully encapsulates what modern Big Finish brings to Doctor Who; a great cast, an amazing script, fabulous sound design, a perfectly pitched level of humour and just the right amount of truth to the source material (without being afraid to innovate though!)."

"A beautiful summation of Liz Shaw's era given extra poignancy by Caroline John's passing."

Fourth Doctor: Destination: Nerva

"Not only was it most awesome having new Tom Baker stories to enjoy, but everything about this production, right down to the score, took me right back to my childhood!"

"Tom brought a new portrayal of the 4th Doctor to the audio which enhanced it. The script was well constructed and flowed beautifully. The cast were superb, the direction was stunning and the sound effects made you feel like you were in the story."

"Hearing the 4th Doctor with Leela again, I was transported back to 1977 and felt like a kid again. Thank you."

Lost Stories: The First Sontarans

"One of the first ones I listened to so helped propel my love of Big Finish and my favourite Doctor."

"A Lost Stories release that truly captured the feel for the era it was originally written for, yet seemed wholly up to date in the telling. A genuinely interesting take on an origin story for a favourite monster race that provided a well-told adventure in its own right."

"It finally gave the back-story to the infamous clone warrior race, it was like Genesis of the Daleks for the Daleks and Spare Parts to the Cybermen. I'm almost happy it wasn't made in the 80s so Big Finish could make it even more epic!"

The Top Ten best of Big Finish Doctor Who 2012 reads as follows:

1. Love and War
2. Gods and Monsters
3. The Curse of Davros
4. The Emerald Tiger
5.= Protect and Survive
5.= Destination: Nerva
7. Voyage to Venus
8.= The First Sontarans
8.= The Wrath of the Iceni
10. The Butcher of Brisbane

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