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2017-08-21 Peter Davison and The Prisoner

2017-08-21 Peter Davison and The Prisoner

20 August 2017

Benji Clifford wakes up somewhere familiar but strange. Nick Briggs is on the phone... or is he? Guest star: Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor Who!). Drama Tease: The Prisoner Volume 2.

All your favourite features are here...

Big Finish News - some new Doctor Who trailers of classic stories, plus The Prisoner Volume 2. A brand new trailer too!

Listeners' Emails - Great emails, with a touch of Billie Piper! Remember, you can join in simply by emailing

Guest Star - Peter Davison, very much continuing our Fifth Doctor Who theme. Interview by the indefatigable Karen Parks.

Randomoid Selectortron - a random release is selected from the Big Finish archive. And it's very scary.

Latest Releases - Nick sums up what's new and available to listen to right now - with an actual quote from Shakespeare... or not... (to be).

Drama Tease - The Prisoner Volume 2. The first fifteen minutes of I Met A Man Today. Has Number Six really escaped?

This podcast is officially released on Monday 21st August. Sneaky release is on Sunday 20th August for those whose Sunday simply wouldn't be the same without it. Just press one of the handy buttons below to stream or download.

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