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2017-08-28 Matthew Waterhouse and The Prisoner

2017-08-28 Matthew Waterhouse and The Prisoner

27 August 2017

Nick and Benji present all the latest news and emails from the world of Big Finish audiobooks and drama. Guest star: Matthew Waterhouse (Adric in Doctor Who). Drama tease: The Prisoner.

Stand by for more podcast fun than you could possibly imagine. Although, on reflection, we realize you may indeed be able to imagine it. Depends on the limits of your imagination really. (Get on with it - Ed)

Big Finish News - news and trailers from Doctor Who, plus The Prisoner Volume 2 - our video guy Tom Saunders talks about his exciting new promo video, modelling the Village... and just who is Number One?

Listeners' Emails - Another great batch, including an email from Brazil. You can join in simply by emailing

Guest Star - Matthew Waterhouse, still very much continuing our Fifth Doctor Who theme as 'Adric' shares his vinyl secrets. Interview by the intrepid Karen Parks.

Randomoid Selectortron - a random release is selected from the Big Finish archive. And it's one very close to Nick's heart.

Latest Releases - Nick sums up what's new and available to listen to right now.

Drama Tease - The Prisoner Volume 2. The next fifteen minutes of I Met A Man Today. What is Kate Butterworth really up to?

This podcast is officially released on Monday 28th August. Sneaky release is on Sunday 27th August for those whose Sunday could never be the same without it. Just press one of the handy grey buttons below to stream or download.

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