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2018-06-03 Jenny and Class

2018-06-03 Jenny and Class

3 June 2018

Nick and Benji present all the latest from Big Finish Productions. Brand new trailers. Guest star: Greg Austin (Charlie Smith in Doctor Who spin-off Class). Drama tease: Jenny - The Doctor's Daughter (starring Georgia Tennant).

Let's go!

Latest Releases - hot off the press and out there now, with reviews and clips.

Big Finish News - some incredibly early trailers for upcoming releases in 2018, plus an interview with Class producer Scott Handcock.

Listeners' Emails - a lovely line-up of challenging emails from our lovely listeners. To join in, all you have to do is email

Guest Star - actor Greg Austin, who plays Charlie Smith in Class, turns the tables on Nick Briggs, with horrifying consequences. (Warning! Consequences might not actually be that horrifying.)

Randomoid Selectortron - Nick and Benji randomly select a release from the Big Finish Archive to chat about.

Drama Tease - the first fifteen minutes of Jenny - The Doctor's Daughter.

This podcast is released on Sunday 3rd June 2018. You can download or stream it now simply by pressing one of those handy little buttons below this text. Go on, it's what your ear things are craving for!

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