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2018-08-05 Class and Jackie Tyler

2018-08-05 Class and Jackie Tyler

5 August 2018

Benji Clifford is joined by guest presenter Jamie Anderson (with Nick still off sick). Latest releases reviewed, Big Finish News, Listeners’ Emails and some crazy tangents. Guest star: Katherine Kelly (from Doctor Who spin-off Class). Drama tease: Doctor Who: Short Trips - Flight into Hull! (starring Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler).

Latest Releases - Packed with reviews and clips, we take a look at Callan, the First Doctor Adventures and Torchwood: Instant Karma.

Big Finish News - the Fourth Doctor returns in 2020 and 2021, Bernice Summerfield Treasury and Torchwood: Deadbeat Escape.

Listeners’ Emails - including competition results and a brand new competition. To join in, simply email

Guest Star - during the studio sessions for Class, Nick Briggs chatted to Katherine Kelly (Miss Quill) and here is that interview.

Drama Tease - a tantalizing tease starring Camille Coduri in Flight into Hull! by Joe Lidster.

This podcast is released on Sunday 5th August 2018. You can download or stream it now simply by pressing one of those handy little buttons below this text.

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