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Big Finish Podcast - The Prisoner of Portmeirion (2017-04-03)

Big Finish Podcast - The Prisoner of Portmeirion (2017-04-03)

2 April 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford present all the latest news and emails from the audio drama world of Big Finish. Then Nick and his family are off to Portmeirion, the location for the 1967 cult TV classic The Prisoner. It's PortmeiriCon!

For those of you who liked the strangeness of Nick lingering in a Baltimore hotel corridor in the previous podcast, there's more of the same, non-dramatic content in the second half of this podcast. Nick, his wife Steph and his son Ben visit Portmeirion as grateful guests of PortmeiriCon, a convention organised by Six of One, the official appreciation society of The Prisoner and Patrick McGoohan.

Nick was invited because of his work on the highly acclaimed Big Finish audio reimagining of The Prisoner. If you haven't given it a try, why not take the plunge now. Beware Rover!

Aside from all that, the podcast begins with the usual, informative features. There's exciting news about the latest releases and another batch of thoroughly entertaining emails from our loyal listeners.

Huge thanks to Al Beale and all at Six of One for inviting Nick and family along.

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