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Dark Shadows: Listeners' Questions Answered (October 2012 #5)

Dark Shadows: Listeners' Questions Answered (October 2012 #5)

31 October 2012

It's here at last - and just in time for Halloween! Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg welcome Joe Lidster to the office so he can answer Dark Shadows-based questions from you, dear listeners!

It's Halloween! So to celebrate, dark, cowled evil mastermind Nick Briggs and grotesque creature built from mainly human body parts Paul Spragg welcome hairy, pointy-toothed Joe Lidster to the office for the long-overdue Dark Shadows podcast!

There's an explanation of what happened to the previous attempts at making this podcast, and full and detailed replies to all your queries about the Dark Shadows range (based on the classic US soap opera), from whether it will include characters from the recent film to the possibilities of doing a story set in parallel time - whatever that is.

Find out the answers to all these questions and many more as Joe talks while Paul and Nick attempt to distract him, ruin his train of thought and try to mention Colin Baker too early, all while trying to suppress their terrible appetite for human flesh.

You can download or stream this haunting podcast now, and if you have any questions for future instalments, simply e-mail

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