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Listeners' Emails, Competitions & Practical Sound Effects! (January #06)

Listeners' Emails, Competitions & Practical Sound Effects! (January #06)

16 January 2015

Nicholas Briggs seems to have gone sound effects mad, as Ian Atkins, Joe Smith and Sue Cowley look on in utter disbelief. Luckily, trusty line producer David Richardson makes a rare and welcome return to the podcast.

It's difficult to know why there are duck honkings, an alarm bell and horse hoof coconut shells in this podcast, but... well, bear with us. The team are here to read out and comment, mostly usefully, on your emails.

You can also learn the results of the last competition. Then Ian springs a truly inspiring new competition question on Nick, which relates to our brand new series of The Prisoner (already up for pre-order, folks!).

And remember, if you want to have an email read out on the podcast, please send it to

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