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The Big Finish Podcast - Samuel Barnett (January #03)

The Big Finish Podcast - Samuel Barnett (January #03)

15 January 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford once again host a podcast packed with all that's new in the audio drama world of Big Finish. Special guest: Samuel Barnett (star of Dirk Gently and Cicero).

The usual chaos ensues, with a fruit pastel discussion, some fax software (seriously!?!) and Nick losing his headphones - not to mention the Shed of Rassilon and drilling down into cheesecake detail. It has to be heard to be believed.

All the regular features are here...

The Big Finish News - Charlotte Pollard, Survivors and an opportunity to work for Big Finish.

Listeners' Emails - All very visual this time. Interesting... You can join in by emailing us at You can also enjoy Nick's son fighting the Time War on Nick's youtube channel here.

Guest Star Interview - Global TV star Samuel Barnett reveals his significant history with Big Finish, talks about starring as Dirk Gently, how he wants to return to Big Finish and what it's like playing the lead in Cicero.

Randomoid Selectortron - No rude words in this week's selection. It's Daleks! Nick's happy...

Latest Releases - A break-neck-speed round-up of what's out right now.

The Beast of Kravenos - A fifteen minute tease of this month's Fourth Doctor series opener. Jago and Litefoot return!

This podcast has been released a day early, because we know Sunday afternoons sometimes need something exciting in them. You can download or stream it straight away by pressing one of the helpful little grey buttons below.

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