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Big Finish Podcast 2018-02-04 Samuel Barnett and Richard Armitage
The Big Finish Podcast

1806. Big Finish Podcast 2018-02-04 Samuel Barnett and Richard Armitage

Available February 2018


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Along the way, there are some of our customary, off-topic interludes. But here's the official content...

Big Finish News - it's 'Trailer Central' with all the latest trailers from the Doctor Who Main Range, Torchwood and the Third Doctor. There's also a special feature on The Martian Invasion of Earth, featuring a special preview of the music by Jamie Robertson and an interview with star actor Richard Armitage.

Listeners' Emails - another plunge into the email inbox, with some bonus Facebook content, a surprise (and almost incomprehensible) phone conversation with composer Jamie Robertson - plus the return of the Big Finish Competition. All you have to do to join in is email us at

Guest Star Interview - this week, Cicero producer/director Scott Handcock chats to his star actors and Cicero brothers, Samuel Barnett and George Naylor.

Randomoid Selectortron - another corker of a release is selected by 'Ran'. Some entirely random chat also turns out to be really rather entertaining. Seriously.

Latest Releases - a selection of the latest releases for you to enjoy, plus some behind-the-scenes chatter.

Drama Tease - the first fifteen minutes of our latest HG Wells Big Finish Classics release The Martian Invasion of Earth, starring Richard Armitage and Lucy Briggs-Owen.

Check out other editions of the Big Finish Podcast in the range here, enabling you to put them into your account and listen via the Big Finish Listening app on Apple and Android devices!

Recorded on: 02/02/18
Recorded at: Nick and Benji's

Nick and Benji have been presenting the Big Finish Podcast together now for over a year. The podcast itself has been around for a number of years, with a number of presenters, but Nick seems to have stuck with it the longest, mainly because he's been with Big Finish since the very beginning, back in 1998.

Benji's addition to the team has brought with it an extra injection of showmanship and - dare we say it? - madcap humour. As well as Nick and Benji's shared love of the classic Doctor Who story Death to the Daleks, many other strange topics of conversation have bubbled up to the surface across the months.

Benji's musicianship is very much in evidence, with guest appearances of the kazoo and jaw harp being something of a regular feature. More recently, there's been a kalimba, a harmonica and some cow bells provided by Nick.

From time to time, listeners send in some really great images to the podcast, and you can find some of them below...

If you haven't yet heard the Big Finish Podcast, here are some of the other themes and conversations you can look forward to... Field Marshal Montgomery, the 'Singing Man' from the 1950s, catchphrases like 'Stop Don't Move!', 'Buck up!' and 'Don't tell my trousers!' and much, much more... (frighteningly more)

There are, of course, lashings of behind-the-scenes and upcoming news items, as well as fullsome comments by our loyal listeners, via the Listeners' Emails address

The Big Finish Podcast is released every week, officially on Mondays, but sneakily on Sundays. You can download or stream it from its place on the home page or catch it here in its official Podcast Range, where it will usually pop up on Mondays.

You can, of course, subscribe to it through itunes or through your usual podcast app.

Feel free to listen and enjoy, because it is absolutely free!

From time to time, listeners send in some really great images to the podcast, and you can find some of them below...

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