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Phantom Melodies

Phantom Melodies

Released February 2017

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"I urge you all to turn the lights down, turn the volume up and lose yourself for a couple of hours in the worlds of Dark Shadows and experience its Phantom Melodies – 9/10," Planet Mondas

Four tales of horror, romance and intrigue…

Last Orders at the Blue Whale by Rob Morris

Thrown out of Collinwood, petty criminal Harry Johnson is waiting to catch the next train out of town but a rash decision in the bar of the Blue Whale will unwittingly lead him into a battle for his very soul.

The Scarlet Bride by Ian Atkins

Agnes is getting married but what should be the happiest time of her life is being spoiled by strange dreams of a scratching at her bedroom window. She dreams of a mysterious man trying to break into her room… A man who stares at her as she dreams…

On the Line by Ian Farrington

Carolyn Stoddard is embracing her new life at university but a mysterious telephone call is about to change everything…

In a Broken Dream by Penelope Faith

In an attempt to distance herself from her past, Amy Jennings is visiting Elizabeth Stoddard and Roger Collins in Paris but, mysteriously, they are not there. Will her life ever be free from the unexplained?

Written By: Rob Morris, Ian Atkins, Ian Farrington, Penelope Faith
Directed By: Andrew Collins, David Darlington, Jim Pierson


Matthew Waterhouse, Andrew Collins, Nancy Barrett, Stephanie Ellyne

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