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Project: Valhalla

Project: Valhalla

Released January 2011


Book US $19.86


++Transmission Begins++

From: Deputy Director, Forge Alpha Facility
F.A.O: Director, Department C4, Whitehall
Re: Project: Valhalla
Rogue xenotech crash-site located in Lapland.
Suspected negative environment effect. Local communications network down. Total satellite whiteout.
Senior Field Agent Nimrod dispatched with full extraction team for assessment and harvest. Primary reports indicate total disappearance of local Sámi community. Possible zombie infestation. Crash-site protected by forcefield.
No further communication.
Current status of extraction team: unknown.
Nature of xenotech: unknown.
Threat level: unknown.
++Transmission Ends++

Written By: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

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