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The Prisoner Volume 03
The Prisoner

3. The Prisoner Volume 03

Released November 2019

Written by Nicholas Briggs

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‘I’m not a number. I’m a free man!’

Number Six is still trapped in ‘The Village’. Do those who run this place want simply to extract classified information or do they have a darker purpose? Number Six has to believe he will escape. And this time he begins to see a possible way out. But will the price of freedom be too high?

3.1 Free For All

Time for an election in the Village. The regime seems to want Six to stand as a candidate to be Number Two. But when Two’s manifesto seems to be based on the notion of freedom, what platform will Six decide to stand upon? And can there ever be freedom in the Village?

3.2 The Girl Who Was Death

Six finds himself free again, back in London. But how did he get here? An explosion rocks the city and Six must work out who he can trust. Will it be Control, Danvers, Number 43, Kate, Number Two or Potter?

3.3 The Seltzman Connection

Potter and ZM-73 think that if they go back to the beginning of it all, they’ll be able to solve the mystery of the Village. But can Professor Jacob Seltzman really provide all the answers?

3.4 No One Will Know

From London, to Kandersfeld to the Village... Will an end to it all ever be possible?

This release also includes a making-of documentary as well as bonus downloads of scripts.

The Prisoner™ and © ITC Entertainment Group Limited 1967, 2001 and 2019. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited. All rights reserved.

**This title will be going out of print when current CD stocks have been sold**

Recorded on: 5-9 August 2019
Recorded at: The Soundhouse


THE PRISONER™ remains unique in the world of television. A taut psycho-thriller about a secret agent who resigns and finds himself thrown into a Kafka-esque world of mindplay and enigma.

THE PRISONER™ is the story of a man known only as Number 6 played by Patrick McGoohan. He has committed no crime, but is being held against his will in The Village – a location from which there is no escape.

Number 6 can trust no one and is under constant supervision by his ever changing adversary Number 2 - the leader of The Village. Number 6 attempts to trace the real identity of his captors, and the mystery of the ever-elusive Number 1, but is forever thwarted. Mysterious white orbs known as Rovers help to maintain order, and will engulf any who attempt escape.

Shot in the village of Portmeirion, a creation that features a melange of cultural styles, and at the MGM Studios at Borehamwood, the look of THE PRISONER™ is both surreal and enchanting. Portmeirion, a leading tourist attraction in its own right, forms a captivating backdrop to the futuristic, fantastic, and often bizarre interior sets.

First appearing on British TV screens in 1967, THE PRISONER™ was one of the most expensive series produced by Lew Grade and ITC at that time. The idea for THE PRISONER™ series allegedly grew out of Patrick McGoohan’s desire to move on from playing the popular undercover agent John Drake in DANGERMAN.

The allure of THE PRISONER™, with its mystery and enigmatic symbolism, remains timeless…


In terms of audio drama, there are few greater visionary talents in the medium than writer, director, and executive producer Nicholas Briggs, and he has delivered his strongest set of episodes yet. [Big Finish’s Volume 3 of] The Prisoner is the zenith of its output, a triumph of nerve-tingling tension and storytelling with some truly frightening and foretelling moments which rank at the very top of the franchise's peak.

Rick Davy, The Unmutual (The Prisoner news website)

The writing is nothing short of a masterpiece and the voice actors are all amazing, none more so than Mark Elstob as Number Six... The ending is not what I expected and is cleverly written to leave a door open, once again, just as in the original series and maybe as controversial? Nick Briggs has very cleverly kept the essence of The Prisoner alive. A must for all Prisoner appreciators.

Debs McDougall, Six of One (The Official) Prisoner Appreciation Society)
  • Product Format: 5-disc CD (jewel case in slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 5
  • Duration: 350 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-78703-616-1
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-78703-617-8
  • Production Code: BFPPRIS003
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