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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

The Terra Nostra deal in whatever's dirty, degrading, and cruel on every civilised world. Weapons, racketeering, smuggling, assassinations, territory disputes. Their tentacles stretch and unfurl across the galaxy.

Jenna and Vila each learn the hard way that they can never escape the Terra Nostra’s plots and conspiracies.

1. Stimulus/Response by James Kettle
Jenna Stannis has resumed her smuggling career after leaving the Liberator, and Stor Jayden is a dream location to unload her contraband.  The Terra Nostra have other ideas. And with a reformist president recently elected on the planet, can Jenna escape with her cargo - or her life?

2. Entrapment by Robert Valentine
A heist to rip off the Terra Nostra requires a master cracksman. Fortunately for Kyzer Frik, he’s found one. Unfortunately for Vila Restal, it’s him. But as Frik comes to suspect a spy in his crew, how long before he decides that it’s reluctant member Vila?

3. The Offer by Peter Anghelides
Fleeing from his enemies, Vila Restal sneaks back into Space City. But it’s more difficult than he thought to get rescued - especially when he discovers he can’t trust an old friend.  To save himself, must he betray the Liberator crew to the Terra Nostra?

**This title will be going out of print when current CD stocks have been sold**

Recorded on: 30 June and 1-2 July 2021
Recorded at: Audio Sorcery and remote recording


We are led into surprising discoveries where the plot doesn't just have a twist or two, it's more like a piece of knitting... it's a satisfying trio of tales, asking and answering many of the questions fans have speculated about for years. Starting from the television series, small clues, lesser characters and even throwaway remarks have been expanded, and the result creates a much bigger picture.

Horizon - Blake's 7 Online

The two Blake’s 7 regulars are well catered for here... Jenna is granted the space to become the smuggling badass we were always told she was, but seldom saw. Vila [is] as loveably entertaining as ever and driven by more than cowardice – particularly in the final story. Director Lisa Bowerman assembles an impressive cast around them and nails the gritter, more conspiratorial tone these that tales demand. I also rather enjoyed the neon-soaked cover by Tom Newsom.

Indie Mac User
  • Product Format: 3-disc CD (jewel case in slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 219 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-602-4
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-603-1
  • Production Code: BFPB7WB7TN01
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