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1. The War Master: Only the Good

The War Master: Only the Good

Released December 2017

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CD US $46.48
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Derek Jacobi - nominated for Best Actor at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2019

"Derek Jacobi brings an incredible weight and nuance to the role that hearkens back to Roger Delgado’s original" - DoctorWho Reviews

"Excellent writing, expert casting, amazing sound work (that theme tune!) and a fantastic direction by Scott Handcock. 10/10 - Blogtor Who

"This is the Big Finish release of the year, bar none."Massmovement

"The War Master is Big Finish doing what they do best. Well crafted stories superbly acted from a world we only glimpsed on TV. Simply wonderful." Tin Dog 

"A series of evil and consequence, an engaging take on the Time War, where virtually everything is on the line and you can't even trust the main protagonist. It's entertaining, deadly and unpredictable" The Host Productions

"It seems like Big Finish have created a real gem in the Whoniverse in this War Master box set. (on the Sky Man) It’s fun, sinister, murderous and insane. Much like the Master." - Gallifrey Archive

"The phrase tour de force gets used a lot in relation to acting performances but Sir Derek Jacobi proved why he earned his knighthood" - SciFi Pulse

"... never lacks for pace, getting your heart racing... You’ll be waving flags and placards demanding more from the War Master..." Mass Movement

"The performance is everything we could have hoped for and more." - Cultbox

Four brand-new full-cast adventures featuring the Master’s exploits in the Time War.

1. Beneath the Viscoid by Nicholas Briggs

On the ocean planet Gardezza, deep beneath the Viscoid, a mysterious capsule is recovered from the Time War, and an equally mysterious stranger found within. The Doctor’s reputation precedes him, even here… but can he be trusted?

2. The Good Master by Janine H Jones

The Time War rages around Arcking - a planet serving as a sanctuary for the sick and injured. But Arcking is protected by a mysterious, powerful force: a force the Master will stop at nothing to harness… even if time itself is against him.

3. The Sky Man by James Goss

When his new companion decides to save a planet, the Master indulges this most futile of requests. Materialising on a primitive, agrarian world, both the strangers quickly find their place in it… until fallout from the War invades their happy paradise.

4. The Heavenly Paradigm by Guy Adams

With his plans approaching fruition, the Master travels to Stamford Bridge in the 1970s: a location he believes might hold the key to his success. But what terrible secret lurks under the stairs of No. 24 Marigold Lane? And what sacrifices will the Master make in the name of ultimate victory?

Written By: Nicholas Briggs, Janine H Jones, James Goss, Guy Adams
Directed By: Scott Handcock


Derek Jacobi (The Master), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks), Jacqueline King (Nius), Deirdre Mullins (Osen), Mark Elstob (Glortz), Rachel Atkins (Major Desra), Hannah Barker (Phila), Jonny Green (Cole Jarnish), Jacob Dudman (Arcking 12 Computer), Emily Barber (Elidh), Robert Daws (Anvar), Nerys Hughes (Mrs Wilson), Jonathan Bailey (Marigold Lane Computer). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Producer Scott Handcock
Script Editor Nicholas Briggs
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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