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The Tenth Doctor

They're Back: The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler!

Coming in November from Big Finish is Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 2, starring David Tennant and - for the first time at Big Finish - Billie Piper.

Available either as a five-disc limited edition set, or as three individual stories, this thrilling set can be pre-ordered today.

For more information, check out the original announcement here, or see the range here, or listen to a podcast chatting to David and Billie in studio here.

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Benny 4: Ruler of the Universe - Trailer

Benny 4: Ruler of the Universe - Trailer

Today the trailer goes live for Professor Bernice Summerfield's impending adventure with an unbound Doctor who has a universe full of problems...

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Latest Podcast

2017-05-22 Tenth Doctor and Rose

Latest Podcast

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford are back with all the latest from Big Finish's audio drama world. Guest star: Billie Piper. Drama tease: The Shape of Things to Come.

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