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Specials Offers: Survivors & The Omega Factor

Specials Offers: Survivors & The Omega Factor

27 April 2017

This weekend we've got special offers on horrors both human and supernatural...

It's back to grown-up, classic 1970s BBC TV drama this weekend for special offers on both Big Finish's acclaimed audio continuations of Jack Gerson's The Omega Factor, starring Louise Jameson, and Terry Nation's classic BBC TV series Survivors starring Carolyn Seymour, Lucy Fleming and Ian McCulloch:

It begins with just a few people falling ill. Another flu virus that spreads around the globe. And then the reports begin that people are dying…

When most of the world's population is wiped out, a handful of survivors are left to pick up the pieces.

Cities become graveyards. Technology becomes largely obsolete. Mankind must start again…

The first three series of Big Finish's Survivors are each available for £18 on Download and £20 on CD, while Carolyn Seymour's haunting reading of Terry Nation's novel is £12 and £15 respectively. This Survivors audiobook is also available in specially-priced bundles along with the first two series (£45 on Download / £50 on CD), or the first three series (£65 / £70) or with all five of the series released so far (£110 / £125).

For those who've never heard any of our Survivors releases, you can download the first episode - the award-nominated Revelations, by Matt Fitton - for free. Check out the Survivors range, including all five four-story sets so far released, and the chance to make the most of pre-order prices on the next three including Series 6 which is released in June...

"Omega. The last letter of the Greek Alphabet. The end. In this case the end of scientific knowledge..."

For those out there curious about our audio continuation of Jack Gerson's BBC series The Omega Factor, from today you can download - for free - the opening episode of the series' return: The Omega Factor - From Beyond.

Across this special offers weekend, the first series of The Omega Factor is currently £18 on Download and £20 for the four-story CD set. Louise Jameson's reading of the Jack Gerson novel is just £12 and £15 respectively.

Yesterday saw the release of The Omega Factor - Series 2, and this can still be bought at its frozen pre-release price of £20 and £25. Or all three of these releases can be bought in a special value The Omega Factor bundle for £45 on Download or £55 on CD.

These offers end at mid-day (UK time) on Tuesday 2nd May, giving you a long Bank Holiday to make the most of them. All CD purchases unlock a digital version in your account as a Big Finish exclusive - enjoy our downloads if you're using an Apple or Android device with our free Big Finish download/playback app.

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