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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Thrilling thrillers on special offer!
23 May 2019

If you've never braved the world of audio spy thrillers before now is the perfect time as we’ve some fantastic Big Finish special offers. Why not try some tales of agents, intelligence and subterfuge today?

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  • Fantastic Foes Weekend Offers
    25 November 2018

    Fantastic Foes Weekend Offers

    Prices will be exterminated! This Black Friday and continuing through to Cyber Monday, we've got some brilliant offers on adventures with the most fiendish foes in Doctor Who history. New deals will be added every day so keep checking the offer page. Prices start at just 99p!Read More
  • Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 8
    25 November 2018

    Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 8

    To coincide with the new series of Doctor Who on television, each week we're taking you through one of the Doctor's past lives (up until 13) with some very special offers...Read More
  • November last chance discounts
    23 November 2018

    November last chance discounts

    Don't miss the chance to save money by taking advantage of the pre-order prices on some of our recent releases - only available until the end of November.Read More
  • Seventh Doctor and Mags
    22 November 2018

    Seventh Doctor and Mags

    Three new Main Range adventures will reunite the Seventh Doctor and his friend, Mags, the punk werewolf circus performer first seen in 1988's Doctor Who story The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Alongside Sylvester McCoy, Jessica Martin reprises her role of Mags in this trilogy of terrifying tales†¦Read More
  • UNIT - Revisitations out now
    21 November 2018

    UNIT - Revisitations out now

    Kate Stewart and the UNIT team are still reeling from the events of UNIT - Cyber-Reality, but the alien threats just keep on coming†¦ With the return of the Wirrn, Captain Chin Lee and a new invasion, UNIT are needed now more than ever!Read More
  • The Time War rages on in Gallifrey
    20 November 2018

    The Time War rages on in Gallifrey

    Three more box sets depicting what happened to the Time Lords' home planet in the ultimate battle across time and space will be released over the next few years, made by Big Finish Productions in association with BBC Studios. Read More
  • The Avengers return!
    19 November 2018

    The Avengers return!

    The Avengers is coming back with a series of audio adventures from Big Finish Productions based on the comic strips in TV Comic! In these new releases, John Steed will be reunited with Mrs Emma Peel and Ms Tara King in three boxsets of adventures created in association with STUDIOCANAL. Read More
  • Bernice Summerfield - In Time
    17 November 2018

    Bernice Summerfield - In Time

    As part of our continued celebrations of 20 years of Bernice Summerfield, it's almost time for the release of a new short story collection of tales featuring the well-loved archaeologist. In Time will be available in December but we can reveal more about this journey into Benny's timeline today...Read More
  • UNIT - Revisitations, out soon
    16 November 2018

    UNIT - Revisitations, out soon

    There's only five days to go until the seventh UNIT series, UNIT - Revisitations, is released. But before its deployment, here's the chance to pick up some other classic and new series UNIT stories on special offer. Read More
  • Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz are back
    15 November 2018

    Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz are back

    Four new locations, four new threats and the TARDIS under arrest†¦ Don't miss out on The Seventh Doctor: The New Adventures Volume One with the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), Chris Cwej (Travis Oliver) and Roz (Yasmin Bannerman).Read More
  • Doctor Who - Entanglement
    14 November 2018

    Doctor Who - Entanglement

    The First Doctor, Steven and Vicki continue their adventures in the third release of the The Early Adventures series 5. This time they're exploring Cambridge in the early 20th century, but there's no time for study with a deceptive plot taking place†¦Read More
  • Doctor Who - Warlock's Cross
    13 November 2018

    Doctor Who - Warlock's Cross

    The end of UNIT is nigh and truth will out! In Warlock's Cross, the latest release in the Doctor Who Main Range, we'll find out what happened to the survivors of the Cyber invasion when the Seventh Doctor reunites with UNIT's scientific adviser Elizabeth Klein.Read More
  • Fifth Doctor meets Jenny
    12 November 2018

    Fifth Doctor meets Jenny

    There's a family reunion in The Legacy of Time - our epic new release coming July 2019 to celebrate 20 years of Doctor Who at Big Finish. In the fourth story, the Fifth Doctor - played by Peter Davison, will be meeting his future daughter Jenny - played by his real-life daughter Georgia Tennant.Read More
  • Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 6
    11 November 2018

    Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 6

    We're really enjoying the new series of Doctor Who here at Big Finish. In celebration, each week we're taking you through one of the Doctor's past lives - up until Thirteen - with some very special offers.Read More
  • Interview with 'Liz Shaw'
    10 November 2018

    Interview with 'Liz Shaw'

    When Tim Treloar and Katy Manning return as the Third Doctor and Jo Grant in The Third Doctor Adventures Volume Five, they'll be joining forces with three other iconic characters from 1970s Doctor Who. Today we chat to Daisy Ashford who plays UNIT scientific adviser, Liz Shaw.Read More
  • Doctor Who - Short Trips
    9 November 2018

    Doctor Who - Short Trips

    More details and the cover art for the first of next year's Short Trips are out now. Short Trips is a range of monthly short stories read by an original Doctor Who cast member - and at just £2.99 each, they're a bargain!Read More
  • Ravenous 3 - companions united!
    8 November 2018

    Ravenous 3 - companions united!

    Doctor Who - Ravenous 3 sees many of the Eighth Doctor's companions working together to escape the clutches of the Ravenous. But without the Doctor to help, how will - and can - they survive? Read More
  • Dark Shadows - Tony & Cassandra return
    7 November 2018

    Dark Shadows - Tony & Cassandra return

    The witch and the private detective are back for four more cases and there is an unholy mix this series. From a Hollywood studio to an asylum to the spookiest place of all - Cassandra's apartment - don't miss this treat from the world of Dark Shadows.Read More
  • First Doctor Adventures Volume 3 story details
    6 November 2018

    First Doctor Adventures Volume 3 story details

    More details have been revealed today for the third volume of The First Doctor Adventures with the original yet slightly different TARDIS team. And after listening to the trailer we're very excited by this one - it's terrifying!Read More
  • The Paternoster Gang return!
    5 November 2018

    The Paternoster Gang return!

    Victorian London will never be the same again†¦ Neve McIntosh, Catrin Stewart and Dan Starkey return as Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax the Sontaran for their own audio adventures in The Paternoster Gang - Heritage. Read More
  • Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 5
    4 November 2018

    Thirteenth Doctor Special Offers Week 5

    Now that Doctor Who is back on our screens, all of us at Big Finish couldn't be more delighted. To celebrate, each week we're taking you through one of the Doctor's past lives, up until Thirteen, with some very special offers...Read More
  • Big Finish Day 2018
    3 November 2018

    Big Finish Day 2018

    In partnership with The Whoovers, the Big Finish team is up in Derby today for Big Finish Day 2018 celebrating 20 years of Big Finish and many more to come! And we have plenty of special guests with us today.Read More
  • Listeners Title for November - Damaged Goods
    2 November 2018

    Listeners Title for November - Damaged Goods

    Based on the novel by Russell T Davies and starring the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), Chris Cwej (Travis Oliver) and Roz (Yasmin Bannerman), you can get this month's Listeners Title, Damaged Goods, on download at £3.99 for the whole of November. Read More

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