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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Seventh Doctor and Mags
17 April 2019

Released today is the first in a trilogy of adventures featuring Mags, formerly of the Psychic Circus, and the clownish and cunning Seventh Doctor.

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  • Short Trips Rarities and special offers
    28 September 2018

    Short Trips Rarities and special offers

    Five new stories, previously only available to subscribers of the Doctor Who Main Range, have been released in the Short Trips Rarities range today. And to celebrate, we have a plethora of special offers from across all the Short Trips ranges.Read More
  • New Doctor Who Short Trip
    27 September 2018

    New Doctor Who Short Trip

    We return to the era of the First Doctor in the latest Short Trips release by Dark Shadows writer Paul Phipps. Susan reminisces about Earth and Barbara dreams of home, but the Doctor has other plans†¦ Read More
  • New Sixth Doctor adventure
    26 September 2018

    New Sixth Doctor adventure

    More details for the December release in the Main Range have been revealed: The Hunting Ground is a Sixth Doctor Scandi-noir story with a Doctor Who twist for our festive listening. Plus we start to look ahead to the Main Range in 2019.Read More
  • Benny is back in six new adventures
    25 September 2018

    Benny is back in six new adventures

    Time travel! Earth invaded! A wedding! Drahvins! The Valeyard! Archaeology! It's the perfect celebration for 20 years of Bernice Summerfield with this latest double bill of box sets starring Lisa Bowerman and Emily Laing as Professor Bernice Surprise Summerfield.Read More
  • Seventh Doctor New Adventures
    24 September 2018

    Seventh Doctor New Adventures

    Sylvester McCoy's calculating and comedic Seventh Doctor returns with two companions from the Virgin Books' New Adventures of Doctor Who: Yasmin Bannerman plays Roz Forrester and Travis Oliver plays Chris Cwej. Get the story details and trailer here today! Read More
  • The Big Finish Roundup
    23 September 2018

    The Big Finish Roundup

    Some new tales from the world of the Avengers, a trip to outer space, the return of the most wicked incarnation of the Master yet, more vinyls and another Big Finish Original! All in a week's work at Big Finish. Read More
  • September discounts - last chance
    22 September 2018

    September discounts - last chance

    Don't miss the chance to save money by taking advantage of the pre-order prices on some of our recent releases - only available until the end of this month.Read More
  • More Big Finish on vinyl!
    21 September 2018

    More Big Finish on vinyl!

    Following the sell-out success of Big Finish's limited edition Doctor Who stories on vinyl in Sainsbury's and HMV earlier this year, we have two more exclusive releases coming to stores soon. Read More
  • The Avengers - Too Many Targets
    20 September 2018

    The Avengers - Too Many Targets

    Too Many Targets, the latest story in The Avengers audio adventures is here. Adapted for audio from the novel by John Peel and Dave Rogers, all the Avengers are needed to solve a series of strange murders. Yes - all of the Avengers! Read More
  • Missy Returns!
    19 September 2018

    Missy Returns!

    Michelle Gomez returns as Missy in her own adventures on audio. The wicked incarnation of the Master returns, and this time the Doctor isn't here to stop her†¦ Read More
  • Shilling & Sixpence - out now
    18 September 2018

    Shilling & Sixpence - out now

    David Warner and Celia Imrie star in Shilling & Sixpence Investigate, a brand new series from Big Finish. Shilling & Sixpence Investigate is the fourth production of our Big Finish Originals, launched to celebrate 20 years of audio drama from Big Finish Productions.Read More
  • Star Cops - Mother Earth 2
    17 September 2018

    Star Cops - Mother Earth 2

    The second chapter of Star Cops on audio comes out this December and you can have a first listen to Mother Earth 2, with the trailer today. Read More
  • The Big Finish Roundup
    16 September 2018

    The Big Finish Roundup

    There's a lot of Doctor Who news, two new releases, we find out the amazing cast behind the latest series in the Big Finish Originals, plus there are some special offers on some of our favourite releases of the year. Don't miss out in the Big Finish roundup.Read More
  • Shilling & Sixpence cast
    15 September 2018

    Shilling & Sixpence cast

    There are just three days to go until Shilling & Sixpence Investigate is released, and before its launch we look at the splendid cast in the latest of our Big Finish Originals.Read More
  • Big Finish - best of 2018
    14 September 2018

    Big Finish - best of 2018

    How can it be September already? As we are feeling all nostalgic, we've a special offer on some of our favourite box set releases of 2018, back to their pre-order prices.Read More
  • Fourth Doctor - new series
    13 September 2018

    Fourth Doctor - new series

    The artwork for Series 8 of The Fourth Doctor Adventures has now been released. The Fourth Doctor is getting a new companion - but is he ready for her? Plus there's Ada Lovelace and the return of the Drashigs in The Syndicate Master Plan Volumes 1 and 2.Read More
  • The Dalek Occupation of Winter
    12 September 2018

    The Dalek Occupation of Winter

    The first tale in a new series of Doctor Who - The Early Adventures is out today. The First Doctor, Vicki and Steven Taylor face the Daleks once again, but it's a Dalek tale like none you've ever heard before....Read More
  • Doctor Who - The Dispossessed
    11 September 2018

    Doctor Who - The Dispossessed

    The latest story in the Doctor Who Main Range is out today. The Dispossessed is the second release in a Seventh Doctor trilogy, and in this adventure there's another twist in time for the TARDIS team to deal with, but will both Mel (Bonnie Langford) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) survive?Read More
  • Ravenous 2 trailer
    10 September 2018

    Ravenous 2 trailer

    The trailer for the second volume of Ravenous is out now. The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) and Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) have been reunited with Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan), but are they ready to face the Ravenous together?Read More
  • The Big Finish Roundup
    9 September 2018

    The Big Finish Roundup

    A busy week†¦ we said goodbye to old friends, had a new set of adventures with River Song, and there are Benny bargains to be found! Don't miss any of the news in the Big Finish roundup.Read More
  • Survivors 8 - cast and story details
    8 September 2018

    Survivors 8 - cast and story details

    More details have been released on the next volume of Survivors (Series Eight) due for release this November. Society is being rebuilt and reunions will take place, but people have changed since the †˜Death'...Read More
  • Bernice Summerfield special offers
    7 September 2018

    Bernice Summerfield special offers

    Join us in celebrating 20 years of Bernice Summerfield audio adventures with up to 50% off (in some cases even more!) all stories featuring one of our favourite time-travelling archaeologists - from Big Finish's first ever release in 1999, all the way to exploring the universe Unbound...Read More
  • River vs the Masters trailer
    6 September 2018

    River vs the Masters trailer

    The trailer has arrived for the fifth series of The Diary of River Song. It's River versus four incarnations of the Master - how will the cosmos survive? Tune in now!Read More
  • Dark Shadows - more coming soon!
    5 September 2018

    Dark Shadows - more coming soon!

    A second and third series of the magical The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries is coming out soon. Plus Bloodline, the follow-up to the Dark Shadows release, Bloodlust, has been confirmed today where we'll see the future history of the world of Collinsport†¦Read More

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