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Doctor Who Main Range offers

Doctor Who Main Range offers

16 February 2018

Get a selection of tales from the Doctor Who Main Range at a special offer price this weekend. From now until the 22nd of February they’re available for only £6 on CD and £5 on download.

This weekend you can get Doctor Who Main Range releases 101 to 150 at a reduced price at £6 on CD or £5 on download. These special offer prices last from now until noon UK Time on the 22nd of February, so don't miss out. 

The Main Range – or monthly range as it was called previously – is where Big Finish Doctor Who started with the first adventure, The Sirens of Time, released in July 1999. The Main Range featured four of the Doctors until Paul McGann went off on his travels with Sheridan Smith in The Eighth Doctor Adventures (he still crops up, however, in Main Range releases, Absolution, The Girl Who Never Was and The Company of Friends – both on special offer now).

Why not try Main Range release Robophobia, starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and introducing Liv Chenka played by Nicola Walker – before she returned in Dark Eyes, Doom Coalition and upcoming release, Ravenous?

Other highlights from this time include the return of a Fifth Doctor companion, but not as we remember her. Nyssa reunites with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough 50 years after first travelling with her former companions in Cobwebs, and resumes travelling with the Doctor.

There are other reunions for the Doctors in these Main Range tales. The Sixth Doctor meets former companion Jamie McCrimmon for three more adventures, starting with City of Spires.

The Seventh Doctor and Klein are reunited in A Thousand Tiny Wings – they first crossed paths in the Main Range tale Colditz, back in October 2001 (and will be reunited again at the end of this year in Warlock’s Cross). Colditz is also currently available for £2.99.

And there’s a new companion for the Fifth Doctor and the hunt again for the Key to Time, starting with the Judgement of Isskar (from which Amy went on to inspire the Big Finish series Graceless)

From now until noon UK Time on the 22nd of February you can get any release from 101–150 in the Doctor Who Main Range for £6 on CD and £5 on download. Don’t forget that each CD purchase unlocks a download option on the Big Finish website and the Big Finish app.

Or you can save money in a bundle and get a collection of stories from this section of the Main Range sorted by your Doctor of preference.

Or to super save, you can get a subscription for 6 or 12 of these releases, specially created this week. Anyone buying titles via Subscription from #121 (Enemy of the Daleks) onward will get PDF scripts and a download of extended extras for each title, and up to four Subscriber Short Trips (note that unlike the full-price subscriptions, these do not offer additional free titles).

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