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End of year bargains

End of year bargains

22 December 2018

Don’t miss the chance to save money by taking advantage of the special prices on some of our recent releases – only available until the end of December exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Get your orders in before the end of the year and save yourself some money!

Still available at its pre-order price are adventures in the world of Dark Shadows with the Tony & Cassandra Mysteries Series 2. Building on from the excitement in Series 1, the witch and the private detective are back for four more cases – and there is an unholy mix this series. From a Hollywood studio to an asylum to the spookiest place of all – Cassandra’s apartment – don’t miss out on this Dark Shadows treat.

Four new locations, four new threats and the TARDIS under arrest… The Seventh Doctor: The New Adventures Volume One is also available at our web special price. Four stories with the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), Chris Cwej (Travis Oliver) and Roz (Yasmin Bannerman) capture the spirit of the Virgin New Adventures, with a Big Finish twist.

Following our fifth series of Torchwood: Aliens Among Us, many questions remained unanswered. Who survived in the aftermath? Is Cardiff still invaded by the Sorvix? And does a god really walk among us? Don’t miss our web special price to find out what happens next. Series 6, Torchwood: God Among Us 1 is available now at the pre-order price until the end of the month. After all, when a god comes to Cardiff, the world goes to Hell.

Or why not listen to more adventures from the Star Cops. It’s been months since the last attack by Mother Earth, the activist group opposed to mankind’s expansion into space. It’s believed that the group is finished. But instead, Mother Earth is about to renew its campaign – this time with even more ferocity and violence. Star Cops Mother Earth 2 is available at its pre-order price until the end of the month.

Which of these releases has been your favourite so far? Do let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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