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The Big Finish Roundup

The Big Finish Roundup

25 February 2018

Gallifrey goes to war, Vienna goes to prison, and Benny goes on several new adventures in time and space. There certainly was a lot of change this week. Don’t miss any of the latest news in this week’s Big Finish roundup.

On Saturday we looked at the art behind the first of our Big Finish Originals, ATA Girl. Tom Newson told us all in an interview here.

On Friday we delved deeper into The Crowmarsh Experiment, the second instalment in The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7, starring Louise Jameson and Tom Baker. With a personal and psychological change for a Fourth Doctor story, this tale was a hit with the critics.

Out on Thursday were four new chapters in the Gallifrey saga telling the tale of how the Time War originated and how Gallifrey was plunged into conflict with the Daleks – and not everyone will survive.

Gallifrey: Time War, a four story box set, sees how the Time Lords and the Daleks have opposed one another across millennia. But now their conflict tips into an all-out Time War, and nowhere across the universe of space-time is safe.

On Wednesday we revealed the cover art and story details for the first four stories in Star Cops: Mother Earth. Created by Chris Boucher (Blake's 7, Doctor Who), British sci-fi TV series Star Cops was first broadcast on BBC2 in 1987. Nine episodes were made and this May Star Cops returns on audio from Big Finish.

Star Cops

Out on Tuesday was the latest installment of Vienna. Starring Chase Masterson as the impossibly-glamorous reformed bounty hunter turned detective, Vienna Salvatori must survive life behind bars in this new adventure, Vienna: Retribution.

And on Monday we had a special announcement for the first lady of Big Finish. Bernice Summerfield celebrates her 20th anniversary with not one but two box sets out for release this September. Bernice Summerfield: ‘The Story So Far’ will explore all the chapters in the colourful life of Bernice Summerfield with the return of some familiar faces…

Stephen Fewell, Paul Cornell and Lisa Bowerman

And that’s the Big Finish news! Make sure you follow the Big Finish social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest.

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