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The Big Finish weekly roundup

The Big Finish weekly roundup

9 July 2017

That was another week at Big Finish! We wrap up all the news in case you missed anything.

On Monday we looked at Dan Dare Volume 2, which won awards at the New York Radio Festival last month! Dan Dare, based on the original British ‘Eagle’ comics from the 50s and 60s, returned with Big Finish in new audio adventures. You can see the announcement and read the reviews of Dan Dare Volume 2 here.

Tuesday saw the release of The Island of Dr Moreau, based on the HG Wells classic, and starring Ronald Pickup, John Heffernan and Enzo Cilenti. This release is exclusive to the Big Finish website and you can purchase it now, £12.99 on download or £14.99 on CD. This release also has exclusive extras only available at Big Finish. 

On Wednesday we had the reveal of the gorgeous cover for The Prisoner Volume 2, the continuation of the cult ITV series from the 60s. This release will be out later in the year, and also comes with an impressive set of exclusively downloadable extras, including the full music soundtrack of the series and extra, download-only documentary material.

Thursday had the release of the Torchwood story The Office Of Never Was, starring Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones, written by James Goss and directed by Scott Handcock. From the spin off of Doctor Who, this release continues the monthly adventures of Torchwood.

There’s an empty office block in Cardiff. That’s nothing special – plenty of businesses go under, clear out, cease to exist. All that’s left behind is an empty building. But there’s one office block that refuses to be forgotten about.

There have been stories about that building - strange lights, funny goings on, faces pressed up against the glass. Enough to get the locals worried. Enough to ask Torchwood to get involved.

It’s Friday night. Ianto Jones has better things to do with his time than look round a haunted building. But he goes anyway, and it turns out that The Office has been waiting for him.

And we revealed the covers for upcoming Doctor Who main range releases, The Behemoth and The Middle, starring Colin Baker, and from The Early Adventures, The Night Witches, narrated by Anneke Wills and with an all-star cast.

And that’s the news this week! Stay tuned next week for some more Doctor Who releases.

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