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2017-04-10 Omega Factor and Dan Dare

2017-04-10 Omega Factor and Dan Dare

9 April 2017

Nick Briggs is in the UK, Benji Clifford is in Germany. Somehow they very nearly manage to bring you all the latest news and fun from the audio drama worlds of Big Finish. It's a bumper podcast. With Omega Factor interviews and a Dan Dare teaser.

Stop, don't move!

'This podcast is a German [click], Dark Shadows-ish [pop] shambles of the Highest [click] Charlotte Podcast kind,' is how Benji Clifford describes this podcast.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, this is how we describe it...

Big Finish News - All the latest news on our releases across all ranges, with trailers and clips galore.

Listeners' Emails - including a reading of a piece of parchment. Join in by emailing at

Guest Star Interview - This slot has been taken over by The Omega Factor this week. Louise Jameson, John Dorney, David Richardson, Ken Bentley and Matt Fitton feature in this tease for Series 2.

Randomoid Selectortron - a randomly selected Big Finish release from the archives is revisited.

Latest Releases - Nick gives you a break-neck tour of what's out to listen to now.

Dan Dare - Reign of the Robots - a tantalizing segment of the dramatic first episode from our latest Dan Dare release.

This podcast is officially released on Monday 10th April 2017 - but we've sneaked it out on the preceding Sunday, to tingle your ears. Please feel free to press one of the buttons below to download or stream.

Buck up!

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