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Doctor Who - Short Trips Rarities - Released Items

Sound The Siren And I'll Come To You Comrade

Released September 2016

5. Sound The Siren And I'll Come To You Comrade

Download US $2.25

Starring Stephen Critchlow

"Because of the visual nature of this story it perhaps shouldn’t work on audio – but work it does, thanks to the vivid prose and the well-crafte...

The Little Drummer Boy

Released September 2016

4. The Little Drummer Boy

Download US $2.25

Starring Beth Chalmers

This Doctor Who: Short Trips Rarities title was first released as an exclusive title free to anyone subscribing to the Doctor Who Main Range. It...

Lepidoptery for Beginners

Released September 2016

3. Lepidoptery for Beginners

Download US $2.25

Starring Duncan Wisbey

"...a complex but satisfying examination of free will and responsibility, and if you like a twist in the tale you won’t be disappointed," - Mass...

Museum Peace

Released September 2016

2. Museum Peace

Download US $2.25

Starring Nicholas Briggs

'This is a real jewel. A heart-breaking, tragic jewel, yes: but one that still manages to sparkle for all of that. DW fans I implore you: listen...

The Toy

Released September 2016

1. The Toy

Download US $2.25

Starring Sarah Sutton

"Nigel Fairs, I would like to thank you for finally giving us a cracking thirty minutes and a properly three-dimensional character in Nyssa. And...

Doctor Who - Short Trips Rarities

Over the years we've been asked about a number of the Doctor Who - Short Trips which have been only exclusively available to Subscribers to the main Doctor Who range. Some of these rare tales, read by actors very familiar to Big Finish listeners, are now being released more generally, giving a chance for a wider audience to enjoy them.

Subscribers still get new Short Trips first with a two year window on any new releases, and they also get up to four of these stories a year absolutely free.

But for anyone else curious about the stories who want to seek them out officially from Big Finish, there's the Doctor Who - Short Trips Rarities range.

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