41. Nekromanteia


Released February 2003

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In the depths of space a little known district harbours a terrible secret. Long known as a place of death, it claims thousands more lives as a great corporate space-fleet goes to war. As the fleet screams out in fear and pain, an irresistible voice calls out to three travellers and a macabre mind sets a deadly trap.

The Doctor, Peri and Erimem face the terrors of Talderun and the wrath of a corporate empire as they struggle to understand the hideous secret of the domain of the dead, a district known in legend as Nekromanteia.

Written By: Austen Atkinson
Directed By: John Ainsworth


Peter Davison (The Doctor); Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown); Caroline Morris (Erimem); Gilly Cohen (Jal Dor Kal); Glyn Owen (Commander Harlon); Kerry Skinner (Cochrane); Ivor Danvers (Wendle Marr); Kate Brown (Tallis); Nigel Fairs (Yal Rom/Guard); Andrew Fettes (Salaysia); Simon Williams (Paul Addison); Gary Russell (Thesanius); Jack Galagher (Comms Officer); John Ainsworth (Soldier)