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Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller Series 01
Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor Adventures

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller Series 01

Released October 2023

Written by Paul Magrs Jonathan Clements Eddie Robson Paul Sutton Steve Lyons

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33 Listeners
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It's all about Lucie....

"It’s a funny thing, livin’ a ‘life or death’ life. Fightin’ monsters. Seein’ alien planets and spaceships and stuff. Thinkin’ about it… it’s sort of addictive."

1.1 Blood of the Daleks Part 1 by Steve Lyons
"People of Red Rocket Rising, my fellow citizens. Our long night is over. I've been contacted by a benevolent people. They too have known great trials, but they have overcome them and made it their mission to help others do the same. They have offered us refuge, and passage to the nearest human worlds. They have the resources, and the patience and compassion, to evacuate every one of us. My fellow citizens, my friends, rescue is at hand!"

1.2 Blood of the Daleks Part 2 by Steve Lyons
"The crashed ship. The one Tom Cardwell saw all those years ago. And you borrowed its technology, didn't you? Maybe even found a Dalek or two in the wreckage. Dead, but intact. And you began to turn human beings into creatures like them. You did that? I'm right, aren't I?"

1.3 The Horror of Glam Rock by Paul Magrs
The Doctor and Lucie go glam when the TARDIS makes an unexpected landing in 1974. Slade, The Sweet and Suzi Quatro are Top of the Pops - and brother-and-sister duo The Tomorrow Twins will soon be joining them, if the starmaking Svengali Arnold Korns has his way.

But will their dreams turn to dust at a service station somewhere on the M62, besieged by a pack of alien monsters?

1.4 Immortal Beloved by Jonathan Clements
"Theosophy? Ha! Surely you mean theophany? Because we're not talking about real gods here, are we? We're talking about the appearance of gods. Your heavenly powers are a little too mechanical for my liking. And, if I may be so bold, Lord Zeus, your demeanor is not very godlike."

1.5 Phobos by Eddie Robson
The TARDIS lands on Phobos, moon of Mars - where extreme sports nuts of the future indulge their passion for gravity-boarding and wormhole-jumping. But there's something lurking in the shadows, something infinitely old and infinitely dangerous. It's not for nothing that 'Phobos' is the ancient word for 'fear'...

1.6 No More Lies by Paul Sutton
What links a disintegrating spaceship to a posh garden party, where a wealthy couple are celebrating their love for each other in style? Gatecrashers the Doctor and Lucie think they know the answer. But they're not the only uninvited guests - ferocious alien warriors riding pterodactyl-like Vortisaurs are about to make their entrance!

1.7 Human Resources Part 1 by Eddie Robson
Lucie Miller's been headhunted to join the staff of Hulbert Logistics, a respectable blue-chip firm in Telford. Great prospects, competitive salary - you don't have to be mad to work here! But wasn't she made for better things, like travelling by TARDIS through time and space? The Doctor, meanwhile, has been fired - into a confrontation with the most terrifying of enemies...

1.8 Human Resources Part 2 by Eddie Robson
Business as usual? Not at Hulbert Logistics, where staff are facing a menace far worse than the prospect of the office Christmas party. Lucie’s made some new friends and the Doctor’s met some old enemies. But just who will become the Headhunter’s new apprentice? Welcome to the job interview from hell.

This release includes language that may be considered offensive or insensitive by today's standards.

**This release is a download collection of Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures 1.1 - 1.8, originally released in 2007**

Recorded on: 21-26 and 29-30 August 2006
Recorded at: Moat Studios


Chronological placement:
This story takes place after the 1996 TV Movie, and after the Eighth Doctor's adventures with Charley Pollard.

An excellent jumping-on point for new listeners... Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor starts another phase of his adventures with a brand new companion, Lucie Miller - played by the award-winning Sheridan Smith, and an all-star supporting cast. Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 7.

No More Lies features the song Bucimeana, sung by Julia McKenzie with music by Tim Sutton and lyrics by Paul Sutton, from a traditional Hungarian poem.


  • Product Format: 0-download only
  • Duration: 549 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: n/a
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-80240-318-3
  • Production Code: BFPDW8DLMCOMP01
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