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Terrahawks - Vile

Terrahawks - Vile

Released December 2016


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Ninestein is tempted onto a TV talk show featuring the most depraved, unpleasant, and pathetic creature the universe has to offer - Jeremy Vile - who also happens to be the show's host. Tiger's hopes of negotiating peace with Zelda are soon dashed, but all is not lost as the Queen of Guk exposes the truth about our not-so-loveable host.


Producer: Jamie Anderson
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs & Jason Haigh-Ellery

Written By: Stephen La Riviere and Andrew T Smith
Directed By: Jamie Anderson


Richard James (Jeremy Vile), Jeremy Hitchen (Ninestein/Zero/It-Star), Robbie Stevens (Hudson/Yung-star), Beth Chalmers (Cy-star), Denise Bryer (Zelda)

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